Another fallacious “Christian” Left meme

From the “Christian” Left:


It is just another straw-man argument where they pretend real Christians don’t do these things and only fake Christians like them do.  No one light a match!  Not only do we do these (except for the last one), we do them properly.

Feed the hungry? We do that — with our own money!  The “Christian” Left wants to do it with their neighbors’ money, with Caesar as the armed middleman.

Shelter the homeless?  We do that — with our own money!  The “Christian” Left wants to do it with their neighbors’ money, with Caesar as the armed middleman.

Welcome LEGAL immigrants?  We do that!  And we respect the laws of the country à la Romans 13 that should prevent illegal immigration.  And we favor enforcing laws so we don’t have millions of people pouring into the country to take from others, commit crimes, etc.  One of the biggest fallacies of the “Christian” Left’s pro-illegal immigration vote-buying scheme is that it is in any way like Biblical immigration.  Feel free to point me to where in the Bible it says the Israelites had to bend to the customs of the immigrants, provide them with free food/clothing/shelter/health care, didn’t require them to work, let them take all the jobs of the poor Israelites, etc.

Embrace outsiders?  We do that all the time!  Prison ministry, mission trips, evangelism to anyone who wants the good news, pregnancy center ministries, post-abortion trauma counseling, you name it.  We do it — with our time and money!  Anyone is welcome at our churches, provided they aren’t there rebelling against the word of God.

Share with those in need?  Yep — see above!  Studies show that by any measure — giving time, money or even blood donations — conservatives are more generous.  They just don’t lobby Caesar to “give” your money and count it as a good deed on their part.

Advocate for the marginalized?  Yep, we feel badly for the poor blacks losing jobs and wages to illegal immigrants.  And we feel really badly for the unwanted children crushed and dismembered via abortion with the blessing of the “Christian” Left.

Confront those abusing power?  Yep, we are clearly on record opposing Obama’s IRS, Fast & Furious, illegal immigration invitations and more!  And of course, we oppose the ultimate abuse of power: Killing unwanted children in the womb, like this and this.

Value others’ religions — We completely respect the freedom of religion, though we find the “Christian” Left to be dishonest in claiming the name of Christ.  But we just oppose them in the public square.  We don’t try to use legal means to silence them like they do with our views.  But we would never value non-Christian religions.  They are obviously from Satan — which explains why the “Christian” Left values them!

And watch their comment thread when a “Christian” Left person challenges the last item in the most gentle way possible:

  • Susie Marsh I like “respect others religions” instead of “value” and I’m not sure why? To value other religions seems to imply something deeper.
    • Cindy Telisak And how, exactly, did Christ value or even respect other religions? My memory is that he was pretty narrow in his understanding of the only spiritual path.
    • The Christian Left From Samaritans to Syrophoenicians, Jesus seemed to value them.
    • Cindy Telisak Did he affirm their practice of religion or did he love them as people needing a savior?
    • Mike George @Cindy. Have you ever read the parable of the good Samaritan? Luke 10:37. Jesus commanded us to love our neighbor. That is all encompassing; it includes people of other religious beliefs.

      This is not a debate page, fyi.

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