Another chapter from the “‘Christian’ Left Fails at Economics” book

They don’t realize the simplest truths about human behavior.  Even though they look for low prices just like everyone else does, they are shocked — shocked!, I say — when businesses do the same.  Just like John Kerry, who puts his yacht in the state with the lowest tax impact, corporations have an obligation to do the same.

The U.S. needs to lower tax rates to reduce the incentive for businesses to go overseas.  It is that simple. Any other solutions are just like the whack-a-mole game, where you waste time and energy but don’t solve the problem.

And why does the “Christian” Left hate people in other countries so much?  Do they think Jesus only wants Americans (and people who come here illegally) to have jobs?

Speaking of which, how is this different than illegals coming here to take jobs?  Their cartoon seems to concede that it happens. Do they now agree that their immigration position harms poor blacks, the very people they pretend to care about?

Once again, the fact is that Leftists literally fail at basic economics.

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