Fact of history: The “Christian” Left literally fails at economics.

This is not an exaggeration: “Christian” Leftists literally fail at basic economics.  They know as much about it as they do Christian theology.  My dog does better at economics tests than them.

Yet they pretend to understand the economy!

Almost every problem we have in this country can be attributed to 33 years of Reaganomics. It’s a failed philosophy and a failed policy. The race to the bottom for the US economy started in 1981. We’re now just a burned out shell of what we once were. All the value our economy once had has been systematically siphoned to the top and baked in to the top of the cake. Very soon the middle of the cake, which is empty, will collapse if we don’t wake up.

Their hyperbole was so bad that one of their soon-to-be-banned commentators reminded them that Clinton was President for 8 years.  Of course, the Republican Congress kept him from implementing plans, and that along with the PC boom (which had nothing to do with politics, btw), the decade went well.

I’ll add that Obama has been in charge for 6 years, and black unemployment has gotten worse than that of white people.  So he is obviously racist!  In the business world you don’t get to blame your predecessor for 6 years.  You actually have to accomplish things.

Exposing the “Christian” Left Facebook page

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