When will the “Christian” Left discover what their BFF really believes?

Photo: The Pope knows stuff.
Conservatives would say: "As long as the government isn't involved!"
The Pope disagrees, and so do we.

The Pope knows stuff.
Conservatives would say: “As long as the government isn’t involved!”
The Pope disagrees, and so do we.

The “Christian” Left had another fluff post on their love affair with the Pope, and their normal straw-man argument that conservatives don’t want any safety net in society. We just know how much abuse occurs in current structure and how it is mainly a vote-buying scheme of the Left.  We also know how the current system traps people for generations and encourages broken families.

More significantly, in their zeal to attach their enemies, they misinterpreted what the Pope said in caption (emphasis added):

YOU pray for the hungry.  Then YOU feed them. . . .

Got that?  He didn’t say, “You beg Caesar to take from neighbor A by force to redistribute to neighbor B.”  But the “Christian” Left sees what they want to see.

They keep quoting their arch-enemy, the anti-abortion, anti-“same-sex marriage,” anti-women priests, pro-divinity of Jesus Pope as he describes how their pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQX, anti-Jesus’ divinity, Bible-mocking, etc. rigid ideologies are indicators of them having a serious illness. Oh, they’ll say they like him because he wants to do some good deeds, but the Rotary Club can do that. I can’t help but notice that the Catholics haven’t sold their hundreds of millions (even billions?) of artwork to help the poor.

The Pope also knows that abortion and “same-sex marriage” are wrong (and he is correct on those!).  He also “knows” that Mariolotry, indulgences, Papal infallibility, purgatory, works-righteousness and more are “true.”

It is going to be a tough break-up when the “Christian” Left discovers what the Pope really believes!

Hopefully they and their new BFF, the Pope, will all repent and believe in the real Gospel one day.

Exposing the “Christian” Left Facebook page.

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