Sometimes I think the race card is the only one the “Christian” Left has

race cardThe race card is evil on many levels.  It not only is intellectually bankrupt (because we would have LOVED Obama’a policies if only Hillary had proposed them, right?*), but it shows the malignant, hypocritical nature of those who are the last ones who want racial harmony.  These poverty pimps would be out of business!

The “Christian” Left played it again today.

This hostility and animosity toward this president is, in fact, larger than this president. This is about systems of power and the power of symbols. It is about preserving traditional power (male, old. rich, white) and destroying emerging symbols that threaten that power.

Sadly, their leaders (all white males, by the way!) dupe their followers into drinking the Haterade.  They still haven’t celebrated wins by Mia Love, Joni Ernst, Tim Scott, Nikki Haley and more.  Heck, they still haven’t celebrated Clarence Thomas being on the Supreme Court!  They know we aren’t racist or sexist but they shamelessly play those cards anyway.  But that’s no surprise — they worship the father of lies.

Their timing was spectacular.  I just got back from a funeral for the husband of one of my most trusted friends.  They, and 98% of the people there, are black.  And I loved every bit of the service.  I love diversity in the real sense but not when it comes to the essentials of Christianity.  Those are take-it-or-leave-it, and the “Christian” Left left it along ago.

If the pastors and the people there encountered the “Christian” Left they would eviscerate their faulty anti-Christian theology until their throats were raw.  Everyone who spoke at the service noted that it wasn’t just about Larry (the deceased), it was about how we all must account for our lives and we will either die with Jesus or without him.  We are all racing towards eternity and in the end only the real Jesus will matter.  They noted with boldness that Jesus was the only way.  Their trust in his sovereignty was a joy to behold.

I call the race card the concession speech of the “Christian” Left.  It is evil, fallacious and their go-to move when they are feeling desperate.  You know they are feeling the pressure when they use it, especially after the results of the last election.  Mercifully, more and more blacks are leaving the Democrats’ plantation.  After 50 years of empty promises and nothing but lost jobs and an abortion rate three times that of whites, many are breaking free.  Hallelujah!

*Of course, with Hillary they’d say we disagreed because she’s a she.  And we definitely agreed with everything Bill ever did . . .

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One thought on “Sometimes I think the race card is the only one the “Christian” Left has”

  1. It’s not just the “Christian” Left – it is the entire Leftist movement. The Left uses the “race card” as one of their primary arguments against just about anything they disagree with. Pretty sad when that is the only argument they can come up with, especially since it is always a lie.


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