How the haters at the “Christian” Left keep people from Christ

First of all, I know God is sovereign and will reach whom He wants to reach when He wants to reach them.  He may even make some of the “Christian” Left spiritually alive someday!

But the haters at the “Christian” Left Facebook page just keep trotting out fallacious memes about how real Christians lead people away from the real church.

8 Ways Christian Fundamentalists Convert People to Agnosticism or Atheism 1.) Gay Baiting; 2.) Prooftexting; 3.) Misogyny; 4.) Hypocrisy; 5.) Disgusting and Immoral Behavior; 6.) Science Denial; 7.) Political Meddling; 8.) Intrusion.

I don’t even know what “gay baiting” means.  The “Christian” Left would lead gays to Hell by telling them they don’t have to repent.

Proof-texting is a funny claim from a group that can’t even get their favorite verses right (i.e., pro-abortion extremists who reflexively refer to the “least of these).

Misogyny?  Nope, we just agree with God on the role of women in church leadership and we think men and women have different roles.

Hypocrisy?  You mean their hypocritical judging of others for judging and hating others for (allegedly) hating?

Disgusting and immoral behavior?  You mean like anal sex?  Or like killing children in the womb?  No, they have a monopoly on those.

Science denial?  We reject the bad philosophy that perverts one sub-branch of one of the dozens of branches of science.  And we fully support the scientific truth that the pro-abortion extremist “Christian” Left denies: That a new human being is created at fertilization.

Political meddling?  More hypocrisy from the politics-disguised-as-religion “Christian” Left.  That’s all they do!  We’d rather preach about Jesus and him crucified and risen.

Intrusion?  Whatever that means!

Exposing the “Christian” Left Facebook page

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