One more book recommendation: Mark Twain: A Christian Response to His Battle With God

I really enjoyed Mark Twain: A Christian Response to His Battle With God by Ray Comfort.  It was a revealing look at a guy who is often cited by atheists as one of their own.

I actually read the book (unlike some reviewers – apparently one guy gave it and 93 other Christian books 1 star). It was fascinating to see how Twain’s thinking radically changed when bad things happened to him. Like many people, all the world’s tragedies were no big deal until something bad happened to them. Then it was God’s fault — no, they say He doesn’t exist — but they are mad at him anyway!

I hope a lot of people read this book. Twain was obviously not a Christian, but he was anything but an atheist. Oddly, he never blamed who he saw as the “real” god for everything that happened in the world.

A commentator of Clemens noted: As the years went by and he became successful, he became relatively conciliatory toward religion, but as his fortunes reversed late in life, he became bitterly sarcastic and hostile.

2 thoughts on “One more book recommendation: Mark Twain: A Christian Response to His Battle With God”

  1. Most people don’t realize how much Twain despised God. His writing are effective, I think, in coming off as a ray of light, when in reality they are right out of the pit of Hell. The wide use of his work, and many others like him (Hemingway, Hawthorne, and one of my old time favorites Vonnegut) in public schools has done more damage to this country and Christianity than we could possibly imagine. And there we were, sending our children off to the public schools, having them read the classics, from the “greatest minds” without an ounce of critical oversight. And here we are, with everything from the devout God haters like Stephen Hawking to the completely delusional like Rob Bell, and everything in between, due in significant part to the likes of Mark Twain. IMHO


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