Pulpit freedom — preach on everything!

God is sovereign over every last molecule in the universe.  The notion that our ideological enemies can label a topic as “political” and then demand that we not talk about it in church is ridiculous.  

Voddie Baucham (via his Facebook page) and this link made some great points — Are Churches Subject to Section 501(c)(3) of the Tax Code?

 For those who insist our current problems are the result of the Church “refusing to give up it’s 501(c)(3) status, please BE INFORMED! A church CANNOT GIVE UP 501(c)(3) status! Consequently, for those who live in fear of the IRS, a church also cannot lose it’s 501(c)(3) status. All they can do is take your certificate (and even when they do that, you can get it back). All your certificate does is guarantee people that their gifts are tax deductible. However, their gifts remain tax deductible by virtue of you being a church whether you have that certificate or not.

People who shout, “Just give up the tax break” are uninformed. First, it’s not a “tax break.” Churches are not taxable. A tax break is a reduction, or elimination of taxes one would otherwise owe. Second, giving up the tax benefit (assuming we could) would not change the fact that we are classified as 501(c)(3) organizations.

But there’s another issue… The Johnson Amendment. This is the unconstitutional amendment, passed without discussion, analysis, or scrutiny, that was designed to protect LBJ from a political opponent. THIS is the pretext for the attempted ‘gagging’ of the Church. ADF has been trying to challenge the Johnson amendment for years through it’s Pulpit Freedom initiative. However, the IRS won’t take the bait! Pastors are preaching “political” sermons, but they’re not being challenged. They’re not having their 501(c)(3) status taken away. The result, 1) we haven’t been able to challenge the Johnson amendment, and 2) we have learned that it is a paper tiger!

Folks, if churches cannot be involved in politics, then, the minute marriage became political, we lost our right to preach on it. Moreover, the minute the deity of Christ enters the political sphere, we’ll have to leave that alone too. DON’T BUY THE LIE! Preach on EVERYTHING!


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