Everyone should vote Republican this November

Why?  Because Obama is being even more evil than usual.  As soon as the elections are over they will announce skyrocketing Obamacare premiums, grant amnesty to millions of illegals, and replace his corrupt Attorney General.

The question is, “Why aren’t the Republicans being more aggressive in telling voters these things?!”

Via WH: Obama wont name Holder’s replacement until you rubes have already cast your midterm ballots

He’ll delay naming a new AG until November for the same reason he’s delayed issuing an executive order granting amnesty to America’s illegals and for the same reason next year’s insurance premiums won’t be available to ObamaCare exchange consumers until mid-November. There’s a chance that his nominal boss, America’s voting public, will fire a few of his Democratic colleagues from the Senate if those issues are laid squarely before them as they go into the booth. Obvious solution: Wait until the votes are in and the boss is back on electoral vacation before you wreck the company.


6 thoughts on “Everyone should vote Republican this November”

  1. You’d think “Vote Republican” would be a good thing, wouldn’t you? But in my state the Republican candidate for Secretary of State agrees with the Democratic candidate on every issue that I care about. So … I can vote for someone that favors abortion, denies religious freedom, and wants to redefine marriage, or someone who does. I might have to write in my wife’s name.


    1. It is the same way here Stan. The only real choice we have is a candidate for sheriff who is running as an independent because he does not want to be associated with either party. He will make a great sheriff too, I hope we have sense enough to elect him.


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