What Hillary should have said

Hillary Clinton cares about Hillary Clinton.  Not only was her response ridiculously delayed, but it was completely lacking in authenticity.

Pro-abortion Hillary should have changed this statement:
Imagine what we would feel and what we would do, if white drivers were three times as likely to be searched by police during a traffic stop as black drivers, instead of the other way around.
To this one:
Imagine what we would feel and what we would do, if white children in the womb were three times as likely to be killed via abortion as black children, instead of the other way around.
It would be a morbid coincidence if both rates are three times as high for blacks as for whites, but the first statement isn’t even true.  It was a false conclusion drawn from a poorly executed study.
And even if the first statement was true, which is worse, getting searched during a traffic stop or getting crushed and dismembered?  Yet which ones do Leftists [pretend to] care about more?

2 thoughts on “What Hillary should have said”

  1. She’s acting like blacks going to prison more often than whites is somehow a racism issue instead of a serious problem with the black culture. Blacks go to prison more often because blacks commit more crimes. We certainly should be evaluating our justice system to ensure that all crimes are investigated and prosecuted as thoroughly as possible, regardless of the race of the people involved. But a greater percentage of blacks who commit crimes does not mean white crimes are ignored or covered up. The truth is that the rate is higher because black culture more often encourages and perpetuates fatherlessness, gangs, crime, a sense of envy, and a pattern of violence. Contrary to liberal propaganda, not all cultures are created equal. Much of black culture looks up to violent, lawless men who leave their children to be raised by single mothers and to repeat the cycle of abandonment and violence. And the social patterns of black culture are objectively bad for everyone involved. Until we stop pretending all choices are equal and start addressing the root causes of black crime, it will continue and spread. That is the real issue, in spite of the liberal race baiting tactics that try to cover it up.


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