Seriously, you don’t need shaving cream.

I was surprised, but it is true.  Via The Truth about Shaving Cream:

My freedom from shaving cream began twenty years ago after a friend uttered to me — just in passing, in the course of a conversation during meal preparation — the great truth that shaving cream is a racket.

I was stunned. It took many months to process the information. Ever since I have exulted in my knowledge and felt deep pity on the rest of the world for languishing in unknowingness.

Granted, using shaving cream isn’t the most time consuming part of a day and certainly not a big part of any budget.  But why spend money and time, no matter how little, on something that is not only unnecessary but possibly counterproductive?

When I first tried it I thought it would hurt, but it barely felt different from using shaving cream.  I experimented for a few days using shaving cream one side and just water on the other.  No difference.

The only thing I’d add to the advice in the link is to shave in the shower.  Less mess and an easier shave.  Shower mirrors are inexpensive and very handy (here’s one for $10).  Once you’ve done it for a while you just need the mirror to ensure you don’t take a chunk out of your sideburns (uh, not that I ever did that . . .).  The rest you can do without the mirror.

Enjoy your freedom!

Hat tip: Joe Carter

11 thoughts on “Seriously, you don’t need shaving cream.”

  1. Those of us who have spent time in the green and going camping for periods (they call them war games – unless it’s for real then it isn’t a game) know that all you need is water. Of course if it is warm water it feels much better! However, I find soap, or shaving cream makes a nice lubricant for a smoother slide of the razor over sensitive skin like mine. I pay a whopping $.99 for a can of shaving cream which lasts me a couple months, so I don’t find that too expensive :oD


      1. Me too. I have to admit that I love “sticking it to the man” every time I shave without shaving cream. It has only been 6 weeks or so. Maybe that feeling will wear off.


      1. I’ve shaved in the shower for years. Lather your face up with your soap as a lubricant, or try a smidgen of that hair conditioner sitting there if you haven’t shaved for a couple of days. (my favorite, but don’t tell your wife).


  2. I’ve shaved a couple of times without shaving cream now and, much to my surprise, shaving cream was totally unnecessary. I just used some warm water. Thanks for the tip!


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