If you write much, Phrase Express is a huge time saver

Via How to Use Text Expansion to Save Yourself Hours of Typing Every Week.

In a regular day, most of us type the same things over and over again, wasting an enormous amount of time in the process. Why not let your computer do some of that work for you? That’s where text expansion comes in.

Text expansion utilities monitor your typing and trigger rules when you type a predefined phrase or key combination. When you type one of those pre-defined phrases, your text expansion utility removes your short version and replaces it with a longer phrase without requiring you to type the entire thing—saving you loads of keystrokes and time.

Phrase Express is a free tool you can use to save countless keystrokes. You type your shortcuts then hit the tab key to activate the text expansion.  If you can’t remember the shortcuts you can use the easy menu/folder system (i.e., I have a big set of apologetics, Bible, economics, politics, pro-life, etc. phrases).   Here are a few ways I use it.

If I type adr then hit the Tab key, it will write out my name, address, phone number, and email address.

Another shortcut takes a link I’ve copied and pasted it into this html line and puts the cursor where I can type in the text: <a href=”LINK”></a>.  If you use html at all this will come in handy.

My basic pro-life shortcut is plr, and typing it results in the following.  That is a huge time-saver, as I’ve used this countless times while blogging and on Facebook.

Pro-life reasoning is simple and accurate: It is a scientific fact (http://tinyurl.com/yfje8lq ) and basic common sense (what else would two human beings produce?) that a new human being is reproduced at fertilization. Seriously, go check out any mainstream embryology textbook. I’m too pro-science to be pro-choice. Based on the settled science, it is then simple moral reasoning that it is wrong to take the life of an innocent human being without proper justification, and that is what happens during 99% of abortions.

The situations surrounding abortions are psychologically complex (pressures on the mother to abort, economic concerns, etc.) but morally simple (you don’t kill unwanted humans outside the womb for those reasons, so you shouldn’t kill them inside the womb for those reasons). Their size, level of development, location and degree of dependency are not reasons to ignore their right to life. Arguments about “bodily autonomy” ignore the body destroyed in the abortion.

In other words, It is wrong to take the life of an innocent human being without proper justification. Abortion does that. Therefore, abortion is wrong.

I have a folder of tags for blog posts as well (pro-life, apologetics, etc.).  I use a shortcut to paste them in.

There are many more examples.  Any time you have a phrase you think you’ll re-use you can just highlight it with your mouse then hit Windows key-shift-n to save it.  It takes a little time to set up and get in the habit of using it, but the payback is quick and substantial.

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