Apology to an Anti-Chicken Bigot – If you need a good laugh then read Mike Adams’ piece exposing Leftist hypocrisy.

Black Christians and the Myth of Prosperity PreachingGreat points by someone who caught on to the scam and broke free.  Tip offs: The pastor mainly talks about giving, all giving is directed to go to his church (i.e., him) and he pressures you to give to him rather than pay other obligations that you committed to.  Yes, we should give generously, but not to frauds.  See 2 Corinthians 9.

After I completed a couple of degrees and began associating with a group of financially intelligent individuals, I started to learn and apply sound financial principles.  I then realized that my financial situation had improved for two reasons: more education (resulted in a better job with higher pay and/or promotion on current job) and knowledge of how to manage and invest my income.  I also realized that my pastors never mentioned education or investments (other than investing in the kingdom of God) as a means to acquire wealth.

I then began to wonder why my wealthy pastors never encouraged their members to acquire as much education as possible as a means to a higher-paying job, or to seek out a professional financial planner to advise them on how to set up a budget and invest some of their income.  Is it because the wealthy pastors know that if their faithful followers become educated, it will more difficult to manipulate them?  In fact, on many occasions the pastors would mock the members who did have college degrees.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About CashewsSummary: Tastes good, and good for you!

An ounce of cashews is 150 calories, but will keep you satiated longer than a processed-carb snack of equal calories. Cashews are a good source of healthy fats and protein, with 5 grams of protein per one ounce serving and 9 grams of unsaturated fats.

Elizabeth Warren’s Eleven Tenets of Moonbattery – She is much more likely to be the Democratic nominee than Hillary.  This link is a keeper to help translate what she really means.

More Violent Gang Members Turn Up Among Illegal Alien Children – What morbid irony: They are bringing in these dangerous illegals to vote Democrat so they can take away our 2nd Amendment rights while simultaneously ensuring that we’ll need guns more than ever.

Australia Triumphantly Shakes Off Carbon Tax – Good for them!  I hope we wise up and stop letting the “climate change” lies harm so many people.

Concealed carrier saves stabbing victim – Good news!  Don’t expect to see this in the mainstream media.  It doesn’t fit the narrative.

Dem Governor: Let The Children Through Our Borders …Just Don’t Send Them To My State! – A perfect example of Leftist “compassion” and hypocrisy – thoroughly “generous” with other people’s money.

Child Porn Bust Provides Insight Into Gay Adoption

Police protect Jewish students from Pro-Palestinian mob . . . in Boston – from the “Leftists are all kinds of crazy” category.

The mere presence of a gay pro-Israel couple at the rally “set off a hailstorm” of venom from Hamas supporters that would no doubt be national news by now if the epithets had been hurled by, say, Tea Partiers.  (Incidentally, I’ve never been able to square the circle of grassroots Lefties’ anti-Israel attitudes.  The tiny nation is an oasis of pluralistic democracy in an autocratic and oppressive neighborhood, it boasts a robust nationalized healthcare system, and it proudly protects the rights of women and gays.  And yet many on the far Left aggressively side with Israel’s violent, intolerant — and in some cases, genocidal — adversaries.  Why?)  In any case, let’s forget about these Holocaust- and death-celebrating slurs, and ignore disgusting scenes like this.

Right-To-Work Study Destroys Obama’s Claim That Forcing Americans To Join Unions Helps The Economy

The verdict is in: if the President really wants increased personal-income growth, population growth, and job growth, he should encourage states to get rid of forced unionism and adopt right-to-work laws today.

Still one of the best music videos ever.  And a great song to dance the Tango to!  Seriously.


4 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. That article by Mike Adams is one of the reasons he is one of my favorite conservative commentators. The LEFT hates him with a passion; you know, they can’t stand facing truth.

    I thought Warren was scary before, but I hadn’t seen that list of ignorance spouted. EGADS!

    Concealed carry stories are some of my favorites, along with the other gun defense stories in the NRA magazine. I’ve had my permit since 2011 (being a vet I didn’t need classes) and my wife goes to class this Saturday to get hers. It’s getting to be a really scary world.

    Our governor in Iowa said he doesn’t want the illegals in our state. He’s Republican, and the liberals hate him (what’s new?).

    Once you’ve engaged in one sexual perversion (homosexuality), there is no logical reason for not going to others (pedophilia).


  2. “Australia Triumphantly Shakes Off Carbon Tax”

    That is good news! I had heard that despite his 2011 pledge to end it, Abbott was having some trouble and might not be able to pull it off. I’m glad to hear he made it, thanks for letting us know!

    Best unintentional laugh line in that news story, from the Green Party opposition: “Tony Abbott has delivered a massive blow to jobs . . .” (!)


  3. Despite my fervent opposition to the homosexual agenda, I cannot bring myself to focus too heavily on child abuse stories, as being homosexual means all children in their sphere of influence have a high potential for physical abuse. I say this with the caveat that homosexuals may indeed have a higher percentage of abusers than the general population. I often remind those who point to “pedophile priests” that such priests are men abusing boys, meaning they are homosexual. It’s simply that one cannot smear the entire group as potential pedophiles regardless of the prevalence.

    That being said, I do indeed oppose homosexual adoption. It is enough for me to acknowledge the being raised by homosexuals/lesbians will lead to more people growing up believing there is nothing wrong with homosexual behavior, as well as a greater potential that kids will at least experiment with it. And naturally, from a faith perspective, they are corrupting the kids by indoctrinating them into supporters of the Agenda That Does Not Exist.


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