The UCC and other Leftist “churches” continue to decline. It must be the ejector seats.

“At the time of its formation, the UCC [United Church of Christ] had over 2 million members in nearly 7,000 churches. The denomination has suffered a 44 percent loss in membership since the mid-1960s … As of the 2014 Annual Yearbook of the UCC, membership is listed as 979,239 members in 5154 local churches.”

The UCC (Unitarians Counterfeiting Christ, or something like that) ran an “ejector seat” ad years ago implying that Bible-believing churches eject sinners.  Of course, that is ridiculous.  We welcome sinners who want to know and worship God on his terms.  But the UCC and other Leftist “churches” sit in judgement of God because He has clearly said that homosexual sin and murder — which includes abortion — are sins.  He also says that repenting and trusting in Jesus is the only way to salvation, and they hate that message, too.

Their views are virtually indistinguishable from the world’s.  They define “inclusive” as including those who mock God’s word.  So they are growing like crazy, right?  Not at all. Via The Real Reason Liberal Churches Are Losing Members:

To be sure, some church groups will grow because of an “itching ear” message, as the preachers tell the people what they want to hear. This is one of the reasons that Jesus said that the road to destruction is broad (see Matthew 7:13). But over the long haul, there will not likely be sustainable life and growth on a denominational level where compromise is the hallmark.

And there are, it is true, conservative denominations like the Southern Baptist Convention that have seen a decline in membership in recent years, although the reasons for that appear to be varied.

But it is the liberal churches, those which embrace abortion and homosexual practice and which compromise biblical truth and biblical standards, which have experienced the steepest decline in membership. In all likelihood, they also have far lower commitment levels from their people.

The Episcopal Church had a membership of 3.4 million in the mid-1960s; today, that number is slightly over 2 million.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has dropped from a membership of 4.25 million in the mid-1960s to 1.8 million today, a number that is expected to decline rapidly in the coming years.

Yet these are some of the churches which have led the charge on liberal causes like the redefining of marriage.

I thought young people were leaving our churches because we weren’t liberal enough. I thought young people and old people were flocking to these enlightened, progressive churches. Perhaps the reports about why people are leaving the churches are not as accurate as they seem?

Churches can grow or shrink with good or bad doctrine.  But in the case of Leftist churches led by false teachers such as the UCC’s radical pro-LGBTQX, pro-abortion Chuck “Jesus is not the only way but He sure is a bigot” Currie, they have all tended to shrink.

7 thoughts on “The UCC and other Leftist “churches” continue to decline. It must be the ejector seats.”

  1. If Bible-believing churches eject sinners, wouldn’t they be empty? (including the pulpit and choir loft). Romans 3:23 comes to mind….


  2. Eject sinners? I seem to recall a passage, perhaps in an Epistle, about casting out unrepentant sinners. But these guys would have folks believe that simply being a sinner is enough for some churches or congregations. Not likely for the average example. Of course, how could they allow anyone in who is merely a sinner. We all struggle with some form of sin. But those who wallow in it, pretend it isn’t sinful, and then refuse to change…OUT!


  3. The United Church of Christ has to be the most liberal of all the liberal denominations. The have no clue who Christ really is, have no clue what the Bible teaches, and are only interested in a “social gospel.” If it is aberrant or perverse, or just plain immoral, they will promote it. The are almost like the Unitarians!


  4. To me, the “Church of Christ” denomination is more like a cult where people walk around like zombies never seeing, hearing, or comprehending the good news. They blindly obey the preacher and love to beat people upside their heads with their KJV bibles and damn everyone to hell.


  5. As a former-Episcopalian friend of mine says, denominations like the one she used to belong to basically tell people, We have nothing unique to offer you. Any other religion—or maybe even no religion—is an equally valid choice, or even to be celebrated.

    Then they wonder why they don’t get more takers for what they’re offering.


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