Pro-abortion false teacher Chuck Currie offers cartoonish and hypocritical anti-gun screed

Radical pro-abortionist and false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way but He sure is a bigot” Currie  of the UCC (Unitarians Counterfeiting Christ) took a break from taking little girls to gay pride parades to note the facts about how guns save lives complain about guns.  Sounding more like Helen “Won’t someone pleeeeeeease think of the children” Lovejoy from The Simpsons, he pretends to care about kids.  Via Statement Of Reaction To Reynolds High School Shooting.

Today we once again mourn for lives lost in a school shooting in Oregon. . . .

Real Christians mourn the deaths, while gun grabbing ghouls like Currie can’t wait until the bodies are cold to trot out their politics-disguised-as-religion talking points.

Our people mourn while too many of our politicians yield to the power of the NRA over the common good of the people of Oregon, and the United States.

That ignores the good done by guns in protecting people every day.

We need additional common sense gun controls and additional mental health counseling. Too many people worship guns instead of God.

Currie worships a god in his own image — one that is radically pro-abortion.

But God calls us to be people of reconciliation and justice.

Killing babies is the ultimate injustice.

We are told to turn our weapons into plowshares.

Taking a verse out of context?  Shocking.  As usual, the only verses he believes are the ones he gets wrong.

Each act of gun violence is another opportunity for all of us – politicians and citizens – to demand a better society. There is too much violence is our society. The dead will not forgive us if we do not seek a more just world for our children.

Abortion is the ultimate violence and it is perfectly legal because of people like Chuck.  How ironic that a tone-deaf pro-abort like Chuck claims the name of Jesus while lamenting the dead and pretending to care for children.

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