This is what Easter looks like at “progressive” (read: fake) churches

When the UCC (Unitarians Counterfeiting Christ) market their Easter services, they are quick to mention civil rights, homelessness, gays, etc., but they fail to mention Jesus or the resurrection.  See Easter In Portland 2014.

I used to feel sorry for people who are duped by false teachers like this, but now I realize that they are getting exactly what they want: A “god” in their own image.

4 thoughts on “This is what Easter looks like at “progressive” (read: fake) churches”

    1. Yep. He is the false teacher wing of the UMC. No surprise that a Liberal conference would take him. Though I should point out that based on his blog posts that BOTH congregations together can fit in his house. So he doesn’t damage too many people in person. He just milks the Leftist side for his 30 pieces of silver by reading their scripts.


  1. Did you see his “sermon” notes? He says that we now, 2000 years from the event know better than those who were there and wrote about it. And he plainly states that Jesus didn’t die for our sins. What amazing arrogance! Who could possibly hire this heretic to teach a Bible college?


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