No, I won’t be seeing Noah

I don’t see many movies, because most are horrible.  But I especially wouldn’t want to fund the God-haters who made the Noah film.  Not surprisingly, false teacher Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis‘ blog thought it was swell and biblical: Noah:’ Deeply, Passionately Biblical.

That’s not what I heard from Christian reviewers.  Erick Erickson had a detailed analysis of what a joke the movie was.  If you must see it I hope you use it as a tool to tell people what the Bible really says.


2 thoughts on “No, I won’t be seeing Noah”

  1. Plenty of valid criticisms apply to Jim Wallis’ false gospel, but in fairness to him, the post was written by Cathleen Falsani. Sojo is correctly identified as the site, though.

    And yes, Erickson’s review was hilarious!


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