The Disciples of Christ Drive-In Church

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Sad but true: As a kid I went to church with the pastor of that Disciples of Christ drive-in church.  The guy is apparently so egalitarian in his marriage views that he combined his wife’s last name with his (I assume he married a female, but you never know).  The drive-in’s former pastor was the Assoc. Pastor when I grew up.  I was a pagan at the time but even then felt something was wrong with those people.

I went to Disciples of Christ churches for about 10 years after I got married and by God’s grace I became a Christian in spite of them (I stumbled on some good preachers and apologetics shows on Christian radio).  The pastor of the church we left had Garth Brooks songs played during worship, because apparently he had exhausted every Christian song ever written.

The Disciples of Christ denomination is a tragic story.  My parents grew up in the church and are now in their eighties.  They used to hold accurate biblical views but now spout the same nonsense as their denomination: Jesus isn’t the only way to salvation (“Why witness to Muslims?”), anti-biblical authority (“the Bible was just written by men”), pro-legalized abortion, pro-gay (“Jesus never said anything about homosexuality”), etc.  The Holy Spirit appears to have left their buildings long ago and left them with their man-made religion.  

That this particular church is a gimmicky drive-in shows how it is extreme even for the DoC.  

“Is there a feeling of the presence of the holy in this place?” Kemp-Baird asks. “Is there a feeling that Christ’s presence is made known? I do know: It lives here.”

Yeah, as if that is the biblical litmus test for a church: Whether the pastor “feels” something.

Hat tip: Glenn

5 thoughts on “The Disciples of Christ Drive-In Church”

    1. Hi — it was a mix. R.C. Sproul, The Bible Answer Man (learned lots from him but tired of the show and some of their fundraising tactics), Alistair Begg, James MacDonald (before he became too prideful and got weird — don’t recommend him any more!), and a few others. Today I listen to Stand To Reason Podcasts, the audio Bible, Grace to You, starting to check out John Piper.


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