How Do You Explain Home Field Advantage? – Interesting research shows that the real impact of the home crowd is not on the players but on the referees, who tend to favor the home team.

Abortion supporters help hide crimes like this one

. . . the abortion clinic in question didn’t report the abortion to authorities.

No kidding. They are too busy hiding statutory rape, incest and sex trafficking. Abortions kill the innocent children, hide the crimes and compound the trauma for the victims.  Planned Parenthood has been caught on audio and video countless times.

Another atheist myth – No, Giordano Bruno wasn’t martyred for his scientific claims.

I doubt if many of you have met Giordano Bruno. You may have heard of him. Bruno is listed as “a martyr of science”. This poor man, a Dominican friar, was put to death by the Roman Inquisition in 1600 (which is why I’m pretty sure you haven’t met him) for believing in science over religion. Modern commentators see him as a brave martyr for free thought and scientific ideas. Sigh! What a hero!

Of course, what is important in this is that you never actually consider the facts of the case over the interpretation.

As it turns out, Giordano Bruno was not put on trial for his heliocentrism. . . .

God Is with You in Depression 

Alcorn also offers a word of counsel to pastors and Christian leaders looking to minister to the depressed. Be careful not to oversimplify the causes, and don’t lead with a lecture. Depression’s causes and cures can be mysterious. And some of the greatest saints have walked through the deepest depression. Case in point: Charles Spurgeon.

Rather, with patience, manifest love, a listening ear, and grace-filled words, you can be used as God’s instruments to bring sustaining grace into some of life’s most dreadful seasons.

In this new episode of Theology Refresh, Alcorn both shares from his own experience, as one who has walked the dark path, and gives direction for those hoping to minister to the depressed.

Setting the Record Straight on ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy for MinorsThis is an important topic where the gay lobby, as usual, has hijacked the conversation to the detriment of people who want help.  Satan wants to keep them in bondage, but there are a lot of helpful tools out there that are being hidden.

Folks, Christopher Doyle–a former homosexual himself who is now living happily as a married heterosexual family man (somebody report him to Homosexual Hatemonger Wayne Besen!)–is doing outstanding work through his new organization, Voice of the Voiceless. Doyle is the lead pro-family advocate confronting the Orwellian campaign by Besen and other homosexual militants (and the Southern Poverty Law Center) to outlaw pro-heterosexual therapy for minors–apparently using big lies when necessary (see the “transgender tale” below).

If Besen and his ilk win, children and freedom lose. . . .

An open letter to liberal feminists: girls don’t have it any worse than boysA great response to the pointless and hypocritical “ban bossy” campaign. 

Inconvenient though it might be, liberal feminists, I’d like to discuss the reality.

Here it is:

Boys — particularly boys in public school – are most assuredly NOT encouraged to be opinionated, assertive, loud, boisterous, or confident. Do you know what happens to boys like that?

We punish them.

We label them.

We medicate them.

Their opinions and their personalities aren’t just discouraged – they’re chemically obliterated.

10 nations that execute gays based on religious reasonsHint: Not Christian nations.  I wonder why our administration and the gay lobby  are so quiet about this?



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