Amnesty for illegal aliens: A terrible idea for everyone except Democratic leaders

It is suicide for the Republican party and for our country.  We have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

Via Amnesty as Suicide:

Immigrants tend to vote Democratic not because they’re withdrawing their support from Republicans until the GOP works with Democrats on immigration reform, but because they benefit from generous social programs, she added.

“They’re not for amnesty,” she said. “They’re for the goody handouts of Democratic party… [A]mnesty is suicide for the conservative movement and the Republican party.”

Opening the Third World floodgates Teddy Kennedy maliciously unlocked with his 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act would exacerbate every problem we face, including but not limited to crime, urban blight, unsafe highways, high unemployment, unsustainable entitlement spending, cultural balkanization, a deteriorating work ethic, and the decay of our government into a banana republic.

This is a price people like Obama are willing to pay for obvious reasons. They prefer the Third World ideologically, and find a wretchedly impoverished, government-dependent population with no cultural commitment to constitutional principles easier to rule.

Why Republicans go along with this treason is a mystery, even in the short term. Not only will the Third Worlders vote overwhelmingly Democrat, but the conservative base will stay home in disgust.


4 thoughts on “Amnesty for illegal aliens: A terrible idea for everyone except Democratic leaders”

  1. Nothing like flooding a pathetic job market (especially for legal minorities notably teenagers) by giving amnesty to people who are leeches on our economy, our security, and our goodwill.


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