“The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” is required reading for women who want to marry

We’re Not Good at Estimating Our Goodness – We tend to think we’re good because we selectively compare our best traits with the worst traits of others.   But Jesus is the standard.  Even prisoners think they are better than average at almost everything!

Compared with “an average prisoner” the participants rated themselves as more moral, kinder to others, more self-controlled, more law-abiding, more compassionate, more generous, more dependable, more trustworthy, and more honest. Remarkably, they also rated themselves as higher on all these traits than “an average member of the community”, with one exception – law-abiding. The prisoners rated themselves as equivalent on this trait relative to an average community member.

The “Spiritual” Truth Behind Alcoholics Anonymous—And Why Christians Should Think Twice About Joining A.A. – The founders were not really Christian and the program is explicitly unbiblical, pretending that you can choose your own God.  Don’t just trade one problem for another.   Hat tip: Glenn

In other words, Wilson was open to meditative knowledge wherever it could be found—whether in Hinduism, Buddhism, distant libraries, the local Catholic church, or anywhere else.

This is an overall belief in twelve-step theology—there are absolutely no boundaries when it comes to defining the “higher power.”

This undefined “God” is meant, of course, to help. Tormented people, in the grasp of some overwhelming bondage, enter a twelve-step group and are told they must turn to a higher power. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, they are told, but it is crucial you believe in something.

‘Alone Yet Not Alone’ vs. Academy’s ‘Ethics’Another way Hollywood mocks you: Withdrawing the Academy Awards nomination for a Christian song under the flimsiest of pretenses after Leftists complain about it, all the while lauding people like Woody Allen. 

The title song is sung by painter, author and speaker Joni Earackson Tada, a quadriplegic, who is known and respected among many evangelicals. Whether “Alone Yet Not Alone” deserves an Oscar should be up to the voters, not the Academy hierarchy. Whatever its merits, the title sounds more appealing than the 2005 Best Original Song winner, “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp.”

Maybe the only bad publicity is no publicity. The controversy over this song has lifted the film from obscurity. Regardless, the Academy should restore the song’s nomination because of the clear advantage in money, promotion — and, yes, campaigning — that other nominated songs have enjoyed.

Joni took it in her usual gracious way.

Annoying Things in Worship Songs – This is probably not what you think it is.  A lot of the commenters missed the sarcasm.  Click the link for the entire list.

Here are some of the things I really hate in a worship song.

  1. Too simplistic, banal, lacking in depth, shallow, doctrineless: Consider that one that just talks about unity among brothers that only mentions God in passing at the very end.
  2. It’s so repetitive. I mean, come on, how many times can you repeat “His steadfast love endures forever” before you start thinking the song is going to go on forever? Examples: here and here.
  3. For some songs, the focus is too much on instruments, and the sheer volume leads to its seeming more like a performance than worship and prevents quiet contemplation.
  4. There might be too much emphasis on too intimate a relationship with God, using first-person singular pronouns like “me” and “I” or second-person pronouns like “you” instead of words like “we” and “God.” This fosters a spirit of individualism, and it generates an atmosphere of religious euphoria rather than actual worship of God. Worship should be about God, not about us. Or what about the ones that use physical language to describe God and our relationship with him? Can you really stomach the idea of tasting God?
  5. Some songs have way too many words for anyone to learn.

RadFem: ‘No Woman Is Heterosexual’ – OK, we all need Jesus, but radical feminists really, really need Jesus.  My guess is that very, very few of them tried to follow God’s model for sexuality. If they had lots of out-of-wedlock sex I can see how they would get jaded about men.  They are so radical that they even violate the PC nonsense about how gender is fluid (these people are all female, all the time – man-hating females, that is) and they concede that they weren’t “born that way” (they view a change to lesbianism as inevitable).

How many times have I explained that feminism is an ideology of man-hating Marxist lesbian baby-killers? This is what feminists themselves say, if you bother to study feminist theory:

Professor Bettina Aptheker is by her own proud admission both a Communist and a self-described “lesbian activist.” . . . Aptheker’s course syllabus describes lesbianism as the “highest state of feminism” . . . In other words, change in sexual orientation is an inevitable final stage in the development of the socially conscious individual.

It gets worse from there.

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