The True Story of Christian Missionaries — Yes, there have been some misguided and even bad missionaries.  But on balance — and not surprisingly — they have done great good:

Areas where Protestant missionaries had a significant presence in the past are on average more economically developed today, with comparatively better health, lower infant mortality, lower corruption, greater literacy, higher educational attainment (especially for women), and more robust membership in nongovernmental associations.

. . .Woodberry applies this result specifically to missionaries who were “conversionary Protestants,” which he defines this way: “Conversionary Protestants (1) actively attempt to persuade others of their beliefs, (2) emphasize lay vernacular Bible reading, and (3) believe that grace/faith/choice saves people, not group membership or sacraments.”

Obama’s IRS Scandal Cover-Up — This should be front page news until it is fully investigated.  The media is complicit in this cover-up. The lack of attention and outrage just makes the Left that much more brazen.  This is far worse than Watergate.

120 EXhomosexual video testimonies — Don’t believe the “born that way” lies that even the experts on the Left know aren’t true.  There is hope.

In their own unscripted words, 120 men and women from all races, ethnicities and backgrounds tell of coming out of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality and transgenderism. GCM Watch is committed to bringing you the good news of God’s amazing grace and his inclusive love that reaches out to bring out those in sexual darkness.

Cultural Diversity Coordinator Ran Phone Sex and Escort Services, Keeps Job — Diversity organizations are a joke.

Homosexual and Bisexual Men Account for 75 Percent of Syphilis Cases: CDC — The real rate is probably higher, as straight women who contract it from bi men aren’t counted in these figures.  This is taught in all the “comprehensive” sex ed classes in public schools, right?  In Orwellian fashion, the CDC blames it on “homophobia.”

Linda Harvey’s ‘Maybe He’s Not Gay’ Book Hits Home Run, Catches Homo-Activist Flak — The “born that way” lie — which even pro-gay “experts” know isn’t true — is the foundation of the movement.  Without that, everything else falls apart.  With it we will also get legalized pedophilia and polygamy.

When women lust

We all know that men struggle with lust. But what about women? While it’s becoming more common to hear of women’s struggles with pornography use, many women still perceive that they have the moral high ground over men. Such comparisons don’t help because men and women often struggle in different ways.

When a beautiful woman walks in the room or flashes on a screen or billboard, all eyes are transfixed. While men might be thinking about sex, a woman might be thinking, I wonder what it would be like to have such a body? Men want the body, women want the body. They want the body that attracts everyone. Lust can be either a strong feeling of sexual desire, or a strong desire for something.

We know when a man has sinned as he takes the body he wants through indulging in pornography or visiting a prostitute. But what does it look like for a woman to act out on her lust? She cannot take the body she desires to have, so what does she do? For the most part, her sin remains hidden. Still, there are some tell-tale signs of her sin, which I will describe in the first person because I struggle with this too.

How the Nazis mandated and used evolution and Darwin in the textbooks — Truths you’ll never hear from the Darwin lobby or at your local apostate church’s celebration of Darwin’s birthday.

The Nazi regime sought to influence young people via educational programmes and youth movements. The curriculum made connections between what was taught and its social and political implications. Darwinism was explicit, and the textbooks followed suit.

Free Apologetics Bible Inserts from J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace, author of Cold Case Christianity, former detective, member of Stand to Reason, and a “one dollar apologist,” continues to supply a steady stream of helpful resources through his websiteColdCaseChristianity, his podcastblogtwitter feed, and through speaking. (He’s my first recommendation for a guest speaker at a church or event.) And here’s one of Jim’s many resources he offers at his website:Apologetics Bible Inserts. Topics include:
• Evidence for the Deity of Jesus
• Evidence for the Resurrection
• Evidence for God’s Existence
• Evidence for the Reliability of the Old Testament
• and more…
You can check out the Apologetics Bible Inserts and download them here.

Atheism and fatherlessness (or bad fathers) — what a sad correlation.  Here are just a few people who took their misery and aggressively shared it with others.  The correlation of bad/absent fathers with the radical feminists is similar.

  • Voltaire(1694–1778): This biting critic of religion, though not an atheist, strongly rejected his father and rejected his birth name of Francois-Marie Arouet.
  • David Hume(1711–76): The father of this Scottish skeptic died when Hume was only 2 years old. Hume’s biographers mention no relatives or family friends who could have served as father figures.
  • Baron d’Holbach(1723–89): This French atheist became an orphan at age 13 and lived with his uncle.
  • Ludwig Feuerbach (1804–72): At age 13, his father left his family and took up living with another woman in a different town.
  • Karl Marx(1818–83): Marx’s father, a Jew, converted to being a Lutheran under pressure — not out of any religious conviction. Marx, therefore, did not respect his father.
  • Friedrich Nietzsche(1844–1900): He was 4 when he lost his father.
  • Sigmund Freud(1856–1939): His father, Jacob, was a great disappointment to him; his father was passive and weak. Freud also mentioned that his father was a sexual pervert and that his children suffered for it.
  • Bertrand Russell(1872–1970): His father died when he was 4.
  • Albert Camus(1913–60): His father died when he was 1 year old, and in his autobiographical novel The First Man, his father is the central figure preoccupation of his work.
  • Jean-Paul Sartre(1905–80): The famous existentialist’s father died before he was born.12
  • Madeleine Murray-O’Hair (1919–95): She hated her father and even tried to kill him with a butcher knife.

7 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I’d say that while it’s true that women often want to look like others, what I call “female lust” is more mental. Men lust with their eyes, while women lust with their minds — this is why most porn is geared towards men, and why romance novels are geared towards women. In fact, I call romance novels “female porn” and “porn for the mind”. And I don’t read them. Please note that I’m not talking about novels that have a romantic element (“Pride & Prejudice” comes to mind), in which the primary action is of courtship leading towards marriage; but books that have sex and sexual attraction as the primary action, and especially those that have explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse. Men partake of visual pornography for the same reasons that women read romance novels — for the imaginary sex and the sexual fulfillment that comes from it. The outcomes are the same — both men and women become dissatisfied with their all-too-human spouses or boy/girlfriends, when they can’t compete with the “ideal” promoted on paper (whether pictures or novels).


  2. I’m not entirely sure I would categorize “I want a body like that” as “lust” except in the generic “desire” category. I think it would be better classified as covetousness … but then it’s not about women and lust, is it?

    On the other hand, there is little doubt that there is pornographic material specifically designed for women. It even has a brand name (although it isn’t limited to that brand): Harlequin Romances. The standard romance novel or romance movie (“chick flick”) is aimed at offering for women a romance/sexual partner exceeding what they believe is available to them in real life. It is the exact same fantasy concept offered in male-oriented pornography to men. But because it’s “romance” (although, if you’ve ever actually looked inside, you’d have to conclude it is actually pornographic), it isn’t “pornographic”. And once again we fool ourselves into calling evil good.


  3. Great Roundup, Neil.

    Too many people have no idea about the Nazi evolution connection. I highly recommend the book, “From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism in Germany,” by Richard Weikart.


  4. As if a cosmic coincidence, I had just commented, within the last day or two, on a video testimony by a lesbian woman who overcame her struggle with self-loathing and suicidal plans. I won’t mention Dan Trabue’s name, but “DT” felt the vid was inspiring. His post didn’t really mention why he felt as such, but I was quite certain that Dan…I mean, “D”…was enamored with the fact that this woman was now apparently fine with her “orientation”…you know…no longer living a lie. When I commented with my questions regarding her epiphany, I made clear that anyone who struggles with suicidal thoughts and plans is worth our compassion and concern, but that I expressed the notion that, assuming she is now happy and proud and possibly living the lifestyle (the vid gave no clear indication if she actually was living as such, or simply no longer self-hating due to her compulsions—the church apparently influenced this hatred, of course), that she is not truly alive, nor living “a truth” (if that’s the opposite of living a lie).

    Anyway, strange as it might sound, my comment was deleted as rude and disrespectful to a woman who likely has absolutely no idea that anyone at all had so posted her testimony to his blog. Why this was done left me with the feeling that, as I had suspected, the choice of this particular video was less about someone overcoming suicidal thoughts, and no longer hating life but loving it, but due to the fact that a lesbian was expressing the current marketing sentiment “It Gets Better”. Nothing is more important than encouraging other homosexuals that being so is a blessed thing.

    It’s enough to give one a case of the DT’s.


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