The Acts 29 Network

Our church is part of the Acts 29 Network, which, among other things, is keen on church planting.  Here is a good article about Sojourn* Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky — How to Start and Persevere with Inner-City Ministry.  As you may know, the Book of Acts is a history of the early church and has 28 chapters, so Acts 29 symbolizes where we are today.

My oldest daughter was a member when she lived there and we loved visiting it.  My youngest daughter attends an Acts 29 Network church as well.  I visited it last Fall and loved it.  When the first verse of the first song mentions the wrath of God you know you are in a place that doesn’t sugarcoat things!

While no church is perfect (at least not while I’m in it!), these are the best churches I’ve ever been in.  The balance of grace and truth, verse-by-verse preaching of sound doctrine, meaningful and scriptural lyrics, the right approach to the sacraments of baptism and communion, a passion for evangelism, a commitment to avoid trendiness, church-planting in all parts of town, the courage to tackle unpopular topics, the emphasis on small groups and living life together, meaningful study topics for men, women and combined groups, and more.  I feel so blessed that it not only aligns with my “have to haves” but with my preferences.  If you are looking for a church home I encourage you to search for one in your area.

* Not affiliated with false teacher Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis and his Sojourners organization!

4 thoughts on “The Acts 29 Network”

  1. Love your asterisk comment! Doesn’t look like one has made to my neck of the woods yet. We have actually been visiting a church now for a little over a year, and really like the preaching, but the congregation is really, I don’t know, distant, cold. We are not anxious to join a church where people don’t speak. So we keep going, but we haven’t taken the “next step.” (And where can I find a Scripture reference for the usual church membership drill?) 🙂


  2. That is hard if you haven’t connected with the congregation. We’ve been blessed to have been at several churches where people were friendly, but this crowd was extra-welcoming and much more serious about Jesus. I prayed that you would find or make just the right home with a church family. It really is important that we live life with other believers.


  3. I find it helpful when people I run into are from different part of the country to tell them to look up Acts 29 churches or alumni lists from The Master’s Seminary. Thanks for sharing this.


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