UMC Bible-believers reap what they sowed

When you are soft on church discipline and in outing false teachers, this is what you get: LGBT Activists Launch Campaign to “Divest” from, “Disrupt” UMC.

At the most recent Council of Bishops meeting, pro-homosexuality activists within the United Methodist Church passed out flyers that promised to “Disrupt” and “Divest [from]} the UMC, and even promised to refuse to pray for the church. Amy DeLong, a lesbian UMC minister who was convicted in a 2011 church trial for performing a same-sex marriage, passed out the flyer along with her friend and fellow activist Julie Todd.

The flyer bears the logo and website information of a group called Love Prevails, which appears to simply consist of DeLong (whose employment appears limited to professional protesting) and a small number of her friends. ”Having experienced the liberating truth imparted by the Spirit,” it reads, “we can no longer sit in silent acquiescence before the unjust laws of The United Methodist Church… [W]e hereby declare that until and through General Conference 2016, we will engage in a three-dimensional strategy to abolish the policies of discrimination against LGBT people. We will: Disclose(t), Divest, and Disrupt.”

So non-Christians are going to stop praying for the UMC? Oh noes!



This is what the UMC gets for letting these fakes stick around so long. DeLong and the rest are vile non-Christians and the false teacher the Bible warned us about. The leadership should have them arrested for their disruptions.

One thought on “UMC Bible-believers reap what they sowed”

  1. Homosexuals are such a tiny minority in our country and they work so hard to bully the rest of us into accepting their perversion. I am thankful that the UMC is at least making a stand. They have found that liberal leaning congregations are dying, while conservative congregations are growing. I don’t endorse the UMC, but they are standing up to these bullies and making a stand for their law based upon God’s Word. God bless you:)


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