About the impact of violent video games on kids — turns out they may have some benefits and actually reduce violence.

Mark Driscoll’s Failed Publicity Stunt That Ended With Him Lying About What Really Happened — This guy gets more and more odd.

Inventing God — a great response to the atheist objection that people made up God to control people.  Just use the part in bold (emphasis added) if you hear that excuse.

From where I sit, there is no need to concoct a non-corporeal being who may, or may not, have the power to exact justice for wrong doing when there already exists the means to control behavior: the end of a sword, spear, or gun. Each is greatly more behaviorally corrective than a potential future in hell isn’t it? Threats of force: torture, bodily mutilation, and death, are reliable motivating tools to keep the masses in check.  As Calogero from A Bronx Tale said, “Your guy may be bigger than my guy up there, but my guy is bigger than your guy down here.”  For the most part, people are more motivated by what is immediately confronting them.  Threatening a person with future potential punishment is not as effective as an officer of authority standing before you with a weapon. This is real world provable. If you’re ever in the unfortunate predicament of being robbed at knife point, tell the robber he may end up in hell and observe his reaction. When he stops laughing, point a gun in his face and observe his change in behavior.

New study: school anti-bullying programs actually increase bullying — Not a big surprise.  All you need is a simple and thoroughly enforced anti-bullying policy: If you physically or verbally harass other students on or off school grounds you will have swift and serious consequences. It doesn’t matter if you are bullying because they are gay/straight/fat/thin/smart/dumb/pretty/ugly/etc., or if it is just because you are a mean jerk.

New CDC study: 62% of men who know they are HIV-positive have unprotected sex with men — Also not a big surprise.  What is also not a surprise is how the mainstream media ignores their pathology.  Seriously, if someone made you do the things that transmit HIV for gays wouldn’t you be begging for a dozen full-body condoms to wear?  Toilet paper is an enormous business for a reason.  But no amount of persuasion can get these gays to wear condoms even when they are likely to infect someone else with HIV.

New study: casual sex linked to poor mental health and suicidal thoughts — Ohio State published this.  I wonder if they tell their own students?

Fined for Sending Kids to School Without Crackers — Seriously.  The Nanny State at its best.

The Four Best “Personal Finance 101″ Resources I’ve Found Online



3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. When you think about human nature and the way Paul describes it in Romans, we shouldn’t be surprised that putting up signs that read “Don’t Bully!” would lead to more bullying. All they have done is placed a moral law in front of the children and immediately their flesh wars against the law to break it. Given that they are unbelievers, they have not way of curbing their desire except by force.

    Also, isn’t it interesting that with this campaign in our schools, we now have thugs roaming the streets as bullies, playing “the knock-out game?”


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