Your future looks like that of Venezuela . . .

. . . unless we change our voting patterns in a hurry.  54% inflation, anyone?

It is sad that we even have to spell out how business owners just might stop producing and selling if they are forced to sell at lower prices than they paid.  This country needs a major dose of Junior Achievement classes.  Seriously, the basic elements of economics are accessible to 7th graders but most adults and politicians live in denial of them.

Via Government-Sanctioned Looting in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s democratically elected socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro shows us what we can look forward to after Democrats have finished with the health insurance industry:

National guardsmen, some of whom had assault rifles, were positioned around outlets of an electronics chain that Maduro has ordered to lower prices or face prosecution. Thousands of people lined up at the Daka stores hoping for a bargain after the government forced the companies to charge “fair” prices.

“I want a Sony plasma television for the house,” said Amanda Lisboa, 34, a business administrator who waited seven hours outside a Caracas Daka store, similar to Best Buy. “It’s going to be so cheap!”

Sure. Until they are all gone. When the looting spree is over, there won’t be any more. Who is going to make and distribute television sets that they know they will be forced to sell at a loss? But that doesn’t occur to collectivists.

. . .

Anyone see an essential difference between this approach to commerce and Obamunism? Me neither.

Just a few elections ago, socialists stood a chance of losing in Venezuela. Now Maduro barely bothers to mask his thuggery under even the thinnest veneer of sanctimony:

“This is for the good of the nation,” Maduro said, referring to the military’s occupation of Daka. “Leave nothing on the shelves, nothing in the warehouses … Let nothing remain in stock!”

Maduro said his seizures are the “tip of the iceberg” and that other stores would be next if they did not comply with his orders. Maduro is expected to win decree powers in Congress in the coming days that he says will be used to take over more businesses.

That is, he is doing to retail businesses what Venezuela’s government has already done to healthcare. The country’s prospects do not look bright. Yet America follows closely in its path.

It is all too easy to imagine this in our near future:

The assault against business comes amid a severe shortage of basic goods and extreme inflation, which is currently at an annual rate of 54.3%. Both are tied to policies of the government, which is boosting public spending and printing money in record amounts to pay for it.

That is what people voted for. Barring a miracle, that is what they will get.


5 thoughts on “Your future looks like that of Venezuela . . .”

  1. All we have to do is look at President Obama’s past before he was even president they were saying that he was the most liberal voting senator. And we know where that can lead.I did my research and I knew in 2008 I wasn’t going to vote for him and I didn’t. Nor could I vote for Mitt either I have been studying Mormonism for years and know its historical statements about blacks. So I just wrote in Paul Ryan’s name and called it a day I wish I had of wrote in Allen West’s name. However I think if we look at the way he doe things it definitely points to socialism/fascism. Look at them collecting the phone records of more than 100 AP press members, I was like WOW are we in North Korea, They want to control what the people see and think that’s the beginning of a dictatorship. Nothing bad can be said about Prez. O, when he tells a lie its ok and he has blatantly done that on several occasions, but even still they don’t want anything negative reported about him, and if it is they add a positive spin to it. I think that’s why him and his administration are pushing so hard for homosexual rights, they want to subversively use homosexual rights to slowly take away people’s freedom. If they don’t like anything you say boom you are inciting hate and could be charged with a hate crime. Those are the days we are headed to, just wait and watch. The saying is if you want to boil a frog, you don’t just put him in hot water, because he’ll jump out . No you put him in there and slowly turn up the heat and he’ll swim around happily until he dies. Socialism is starting the same way in our country, they can’t take away our rights in the open or we would rebel and do something about it. They have to use subversive tactics (homosexual equality) to slowly take away the rights of others under the guise of giving rights to a few. Its scary how much they are slowly changing things.


  2. We lived in Venezuela when Maduro’s predecessor, Hugo Chavez, started this nonsense of forcing businesses to sell goods at prices below cost. I can verify from first-hand knowledge that the results are awful.
    Chavez set up one government owned grocery store which was able to sell at the artificially low prices ( the government subsidized the cost). All the normal chains and small family owned businesses had no other choice than to remove the items from their shelves instead of allowing them to sell at a loss, as the president ordered. Typically, the merchants took the approach of secretly selling their products illegally for their normal cost. The would have you come in a back room and show you the precious eggs or chicken or bread that was not to be found anywhere in town.
    If we were lucky, we found the goods to be bought. If we were very lucky we only paid a small bit over what would have been normal cost. If unlucky, we paid double or triple the norm.
    Chavez also outlawed the US dollar while we were there. This meant that no one could legally exchange money if it involved dollars. Merchants could not buy imports from other countries because the merchants could not trade using Venezuelan Bolivares. No one wanted those. Hardest hit were hospitals which could not purchase medical supplies.
    The only way for us to get local money (since we are US citizens being paid in dollars) was to exchange on the black market each month.
    When the government tries to get involved in economics and other fields outside its expertise like healthcare, it fails. The people are left with empty promises, higher prices, lack or goods and services, and long lines and back rooms.
    If we think of health services….what will long lines and back rooms equate to? I think the results will be horrendous. Deadly.
    Lastly, the thing that really disturbs me most is that if you look at “theirfruit”, these leaders (Maduro, Chavez, Obama) are setting up programs and policies which lead to people having to hide items, sell in secrecy or illegally, buy in secrecy or illegally, sneak around, worry about being caught and sent to jail…..generally all results lead the population into feelings of shame, guilt, sneakiness….doing things illegal.
    Is that the “fruit” of a Godly leader? Is that the “fruit” of a nation wanting to follow Jesus’ example?
    Not even close.


  3. Oh, forgot a point. Back when I discussed the fact that there was one govt subsidized grocery store which was able to sell at the low govt mandated prices……the result? Chavez set himself up to look like a god. Look, people, no one can sell to you in the entire nation at the low, low prices which I can sell to you…..
    Chavez made himself look like the savior to the people. Like a god.
    Creepily, he went so far as to use theatrical tricks on his weekly tv show, Hello President. As Chavez spoke ( for hours and hours….) his face would periodically fade slowly and the face of Jesus would fade in, to replace it. Then the faces would fade out in reverse and Chavez’s face would be visible again.
    A little subliminal reminder that he was god, at least in his own eyes…….


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