Is the media blackout on the “Knockout Game” over?

I’ve been reading about this black-on-white mob violence on conservative sites for a long time.  The stories would sometimes get reported locally, but never nationally.  And even then they would leave out obvious relevant details.  I wondered if this would ever make national news.  Apparently it finally has: Black Mob Violence Breaching Media Barricades.

Some stories are so big, the establishment media has to report them, no matter how damaging they are to the liberal narrative. The total failure of ObamaCare is one example; the ongoing epidemic of racially targeted black mob violence is becoming another.

Until recently, the only reporter willing to touch the story has been WND’s Colin Flaherty. He documents the mayhem in his excellent book White Girl Bleed a Lot, in which he writes:

In hundreds of episodes across the country since 2010, groups of black people are roaming the streets of America, intimidating, stalking, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, raping, and killing.

Flaherty’s book includes QR codes throughout, linking to YouTube videos of the bloodshed. Otherwise, few readers would believe him. After all, if this were really happening, it would be in the news constantly, right?

Wrong — because nothing could be more diametrically at odds with the liberal narrative of saintly blacks oppressed by demonic whites than mobs of blacks attacking defenseless whites (as well as other ethnic groups, particularly Asians) throughout the country out of sheer malice.

For the past few years only local media would touch the epidemic, even then downplaying the significance and the size of the mobs, and often censoring racial information without which the attacks would make no sense.

But the story is too big to contain, if the national media wants to retain any credibility whatsoever.

An early crack in the dam occurred in Norfolk, after Virginian-Pilot reporters Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami were beaten by a black mob numbering at least 100 when they stopped for a red light.

Typically, the police wanted nothing to do with it. Not even the victims’ own paper reported the incident until it was mentioned in an editorial two weeks later. Bloggers ran with it. By some miracle, Bill O’Reilly picked it up.

The story was botched by leaving the impression that this highly typical event was an isolated incident, but at least the national media blockade had been breached.

When you hide crimes because of the the skin color of the perpetrators, that’s racism.  The Trayvon-palooza race-baiting done by “Christian” groups like Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis‘ Sojourners group and other false teachers helped the media fuel this racial animosity — as if the victims of the “Knockout Game” had anything to do with Trayvon’s death.

And remember, if you want your Constitutional right to defend yourself with a gun you are a racist.

Some good news: 60 Year Old Woman Blows Away Two Young Punks Playing the Knock Out game.  Hopefully that will deter others.  Remember that the Leftists think it should have been illegal for her to have been armed.

13 thoughts on “Is the media blackout on the “Knockout Game” over?”

  1. The most optimistic quote in your excerpt:

    But the story is too big to contain, if the national media wants to retain any credibility whatsoever.

    What credibility? Something must first be had in order for it to beretained.


  2. I’m with Danny, Big Media has no credibility. But, I’m glad the 60 year old woman had, and used, her gun. However, I’m angry at every black leader who isn’t addressing this sick trend, and allowing black youth to become thugs to become incarcerated or dead. It’s exactly what a racist would expect. What a misuse of 21st Century America.


  3. Lets be clear as a black women when there was a rise in violence against black women a few years ago that wasn’t put in the media either so…. I really don’t understand the point of this post as a christian women to hear white christians always speaking about being a black person is like really wow….. its one thing to blog about it and another to live it. Racism still exists, considering all the things comming out about George Zimmerman now I can only assume he sees there is a big difference between shooting an unarmed black person versus just pulling a gun on an unarmed white person. When i read posts like this I say to myself and my white friends this is why you guys as conservatives will NEVER attract more black people because there is a long documented problem with race and no conservative/evangelical white person wants to admit that. P.s I love your blog and visit it everyday…inspite of posts like this one…..


    1. In the old south Democrats could not attract more voters by backing off of their racism no more than they can today… if more votes is the goal. Righteousness and justice are colorblind. Your error is in thinking that racism is a white problem. Read your Bible. Racism is a human problem and until many racist blacks, like yourself, figure that out I’m afraid racial issues will only get worse; especially for the black community that has put its faith in a government that draws its power from the black community’s hatred of whites.


      1. Wow Danny Wright re-read my post and let me know exactly where I said that racism is a black problem. The problem that people like you have is that you are always talking and never listening so much so that you infer things that were never said. That being said what I did say was there was a long history of race issues in america that white evangelicals like to pretend doesn’t exist. NOT ONLY DO I SUGGEST THAT YOU READ YOUR BIBLE BUT RE-READ MY POST AS WELL….Proverbs 29:20 – Seest thou a man [that is] hasty in his words? [there is] more hope of a fool than of him;Proverbs 17:28 – Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: [and] he that shutteth his lips [is esteemed] a man of understanding. So yea let me know where I said that racism was a all white problem, Ignorance is colorblind also and you are definately proving that point. Happy Thanksgiving.


    2. Hi Mrs. Mickle,

      Thanks for being a loyal reader and for commenting!

      I don’t see how my post denied any racism exists. Zimmerman’s shortcomings do more to prove that his actions weren’t racist than supporting that they were. And either way, the mere allegations of his actions being racist generated insanely large media coverage, while the vast number of these racist “knockout / polar bear hunting” games were deliberately ignored.


      1. You are very welcome Your Blog is AWESOME!!!!
        I think that if you go on facebook which I have you will see alot of people talking about this. And alot of the comments are alarming some vary from I’m glad that I have my guns so I can kill me a few N******, to thats why Zimmerman got away with it because all around the world people hate N******. I wasn’t speaking to the point that you were denying that racism exist but to the fact that your post implies that just because it was black people commiting these crimes it was overlooked by the media. I don’t agree with that again when there was a rise in violence against black women, the media largely ignored it. We can’t deny that the media covers certain things to guage the public reactions and than it goes from there. My problem with this is that you have a majority if people that have ” never walked a mile in my shoes”, but are constantly commenting on it as if they know what it is really like. I think there needs to be an open and honest conversation in the evangelical church ( which I consider myself a part of) about race. Let’s be honest are there racist black people of course there are, are there racist whites, yes as well. However to look back at history you will see a ugly history where this country has not only mistreated black but others as well. It is my opinion and the opinion of other black people that since the election of president Obama it is like it is open season on black people. And the news is rife with stories that make it seem like a white life is more valuable than a black life. If I kill a white person it seems that in this country that I’ll get the chair, while if a black person is killed by a person there is always justification for it. Whether that person was armed,unarmed, harrassing someone or just minding their nusiness. And that is why the black community had such a hue and cry over Trayvon Martin. Because whether people admit it or not we have a long history of being mistreated and it seems to many that it is still going on today not overtly but more covertly and that makes the problem more insidious than it seems.


      2. Hi Mrs. Mickle,

        Thanks for the follow up. I don’t frequent any of the type of sites you reference, but that is tragic that people would make comments like that against black people. We definitely live in a fallen world.


  4. An important note: the story told in the link regarding the 60 year old woman shooting her attackers is apparently fake. Please have a look on Snopes.


  5. Hello, hopefully everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving, I saw those comments on Facebook actually and I don’t even have a Facebook ,but my mom does and she was upset and showed these comments to me. However yes you can look all over the internet and see comments like that but I remember what Mat 24:12 ;And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. These days there is almost no love or compassion for the life of another human being and yes I agree that is definitely sign that we are living in a fallen world, in the last days.


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