Democrat Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist “Church” is still a Democrat

I love pointing out that Democrat Fred Phelps is a Democrat. The typical reaction from those on the Left is denial and disbelief. They just know that he must be a Republican, even though there is a good reason that the media never mentions his party affiliation.  After all, why would the Leftist media leave out such a key fact as his political affiliation (he actually ran for office) while they are trying to paint him as a right-winger? Oh, wait, I answered my own question.

Of course I’m not trying to imply that all Democrats are like Fred. I’m pointing to just another example of media bias and how they leave out key facts to distort the truth.

I encourage others to point out his official party affiliation every time that he or his Westboro Baptist “church” are mentioned.

Don’t just take my word for it or even that of (eek!) Wikipedia.  Go here and search for yourself — .

fred phelps

If you trust the mainstream media you are not using wisdom and discernment.

Hat tip for the link to the voter registration site: Sifting Reality


3 thoughts on “Democrat Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist “Church” is still a Democrat”

  1. Not wanting to rain on the parade here. At most I’m playing “devil’s advocate”, and at least I’m suggesting searching for more information.

    While it doesn’t surprise me that this hateful person is a registered Democrat, it is *possible* that there is more to the story than that. When I registered to vote in MS, I basically had to register as a Democrat, because the voting rules for the primary meant that only registered Democrats could vote in the Dem. primary, while registered Republicans were the only voters in the Rep. primary — you couldn’t show up on election day and ask for either the Rep *or* the Dem ballot; your choice of ballot was made when you registered to vote. Since MS is a Southern state, since Reconstruction, politics was decided in the Democrat party — **everybody** registered Democrat and **nobody** registered Republican for decades, and though that has changed in more recent years, at the time I registered to vote (less than 20 years ago), if I wanted to have a say in local politics, I had to vote in the Dem primary, since typically there were no candidates other than Dems up for election. [These people may have been as conservative as you and me, but they ran under the Dem ticket.] So, I was a staunch conservative but a registered Democrat while a MS resident.

    Just something to consider, in case you ever run into anybody who wants to argue about Phelps and whether or not he’s liberal or conservative — registered party is not always indicative of core principles/beliefs, esp. if Kansas is similar to MS in local elections and the ballot/primary process. However, it does help conservatives/the GOP avoid a black eye, since I agree with you that if he were a registered Rep., that would be mentioned in almost every headline and/or opening statement about the man.


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