Typical Sojourners schizophrenic thinking

An anti-complementarian fluff piece speaks volumes about those in the who mock God by ignoring gender roles — Reading Scripture Through the Shutdown: A Voice for the Silenced – Angela Kissel | God’s Politics Blog | Sojourners (the blog of false teacher Jim “the Gospel is all about wealth redistribution” Wallis).

The self-described feminist author is virtually certain to be pro-abortion but pretends to speak for the silenced.  She whines about those who interpret the Bible properly.  She is supported by a host of fakes who refer to the leader of the Episcopal church (who mocks the cross at every turn) as some sort of positive example.  This is a typical abuse of scripture in the comments section:

For me the Galatians text that we are all one in Christ –neither Jew nor Greek, male and female, is a radical turning point.

It is amusing how they hate Paul and rationalize him away when they understand what he says but they think he’s swell when they’ve misinterpreted a verse like that to think that gender roles are meaningless.

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