Another item for the “I am not making this up” category

I was getting lots of links to this piece from a couple years ago so I thought I’d re-post it.  The moral schizophrenia of our society knows no bounds, as evidenced by the circumcisions are barbaric but abortions are fine positions of these folks on the Left.

Via Russell Crowe: Pro-abortion Foreskin Man, we have another person to add to the original post below (plus the pro-legalized abortion San Francisco folks wanting to ban circumcision).  These folks think it should it be against the law to cut away a tiny bit of flesh but completely legal to destroy the same human being.  Moral schizophrenia: They’re doin’ it right.

But then Crowe got stupid. His very next tweet, after “stand[ing] for the perfection of babies”?

The absurd illogic is almost too obvious to point out. But I must.

Removing a piece of skin the size of a postage stamp from a newborn baby is “barbaric and stupid,” the logic being that “[b]abies are perfect,” but suctioning that same baby’s brains out to kill him moments before birth is not, the logic being it’s “a woman’s choice”?

The “forced motherhood” line is an emotive canard used reflexively by pro-legalized abortionists.  They ignore the obvious fact that the woman is already “with child” — unless he thinks the government forced her to get pregnant.

I’ll bet that these people are pro-legalized partial-birth abortion, where they think it should be legal to stick a fork in the baby’s head when he is 90% delivered and suck his brains out, but would oppose the right to perform a circumcision at the same point and let him live.

Again, how can someone talk about and defend  the perfection of babies and then advocate abortion?  What a bizarre world.  Read more below about a guy who was really mad at his parents for having him circumcised as an infant but thought they should have had the right to kill him in the womb.


Original post

A commenter on at a post titled Why Pro-Choice is Losing held the following two views:

  • Strongly pro-legalized abortion
  • Strongly anti-circumcision

Here’s his comment (#54 at the link):

What do the anti-choice people in this thread propose to do to women who choose to have an abortion in the event it is made illegal? How do they propose to determine what pregnancies were purposely aborted and which ones were not? Will they put a gun to a woman’s head, force feed her, turn her into a human incubator, and force her to give birth to a child against her will? What would that do to a child who discovered he/she was brought into the world in such a fashion?

On a further note, I am circumcised and I wish that I wasn’t. In fact I feel extremely bitter against my parents every time I think about the fact that they chopped off a piece of my body against my will.

Think about that for a minute.  He wanted his mother to be able to have his whole body destroyed in the womb, but he is “extremely bitter” that a small piece was cut off outside the womb.

The circumcision, probably done within a week of his birth, was “against his will.”  But what about his will the week before when he was in his mother’s womb?

I wonder if he would have minded an in utero circumcision, since everything there is fair game?  The end state would have been the same for him, of course.

I hope his inconsistency makes him realize that regardless of how he feels about circumcision, abortion is a far worse thing to do to a human being.  If he had been aborted he wouldn’t be here to be “extremely bitter” about his circumcision.

5 thoughts on “Another item for the “I am not making this up” category”

  1. Kind of a meaningless argument you make. Humans have all kinds of things in their life that they may regret. A fetus that isn’t born because of an abortion has no regrets, as it never had a conscious life.

    Women of all straights and religions choose abortion on a frequent basis. Your religious objections are irrelevant, as people of your religion choose abortion just as often as atheists when it is their turn to have the unwanted pregnancy.

    Join our century and stop campaigning against the rights of women.


    1. You obviously know as little about philosophy as you do about science (and yes, I can see you are some sort of medical “professional”). The fetus you refer to is a human fetus, a human being at a particular state of development. If someone kills you in your sleep tonight you would have no regrets because you would be dead. So what? It is still wrong to kill human beings at any stage without proper justification.

      Women of all straights and religions choose abortion on a frequent basis.

      So what if women from different backgrounds choose to kill their unborn children regularly? It is still wrong. If they kill their kids outside the womb, that would also be wrong — but in your example it would be OK. After all, they are all doing it regularly!

      Your religious objections are irrelevant, as people of your religion choose abortion just as often as atheists when it is their turn to have the unwanted pregnancy.

      That’s amusing. I wasn’t even making religious arguments. Maybe you should read before you comment. Try again.

      And since you brought up religion, you will be accountable to God if you are killing innocent human beings.

      Join our century and stop campaigning against the rights of women.

      You sound like one of those wimpy, evil “bro-choice” guys. Don’t buy the lie that pro-lifers are anti-women. Read about “Bro-choice” ( and know the real reasons lots of young males support abortion rights. The early feminists knew this. You should know it, too. And keep this in mind when pro-abortion people insist that men should have no say in abortion. Have you noticed that they don’t try to shut up the men who support abortion?

      Nearly all gender selection abortions kill females for the sole reason that they are female. It is the ultimate misogyny, and fully supported by moral freaks who pretend to be pro-women. I don’t buy your lies.

      Evil has existed in all centuries. I refuse to go along with the currently popular evil of killing unwanted human beings. You have obviously chosen to go with the crowd and not to think for yourself. Eternity is a mighty long time. I hope you repent and trust in Jesus before it is too late.


    1. Hi — I’m not sure I completely followed your point. Female genital mutilation is also bad, but obviously not as bad as abortion. The church we partnered with for some missions in Kenya has done a great job of fighting FGM. If your point was that many of those rightly opposing FGM are schizophrenically pro-abortion, then I agree.


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