OK, why didn’t someone tell me about this before?!  I saw someone on Facebook use the term  “Liverals” (Low Information Voters).  Sweet.  (They said they sighted it first at the Veterans For Capitalism and The Constitution” Facebook page.)

I’ve been trying to use “Leftist” instead of “Liberal.”  Even though the collective ideas of Liberalism are ghoulish and false, Leftists actually consider the term Liberal to be a compliment.  So use Leftist or Liveral from now on.

How I Got Off 5 Meds After 20 Years – This won’t work for all illnesses, but eating better and exercising a little more can radically improve your life.

Kirsten Powers: American churches silent as Christians in Middle East face persecution – This is a mystery.  We know why the media ignores the full-scale slaughter going on by Muslims, but why are the churches ignoring it?

Is Jesus Liberal or Conservative?  Great analysis.  While I’m not entirely comfortable putting political labels on Jesus, by any reasonable definition He is a conservative rather than a Liberal. When asked about marriage, He referred to Genesis 2. That’s pretty conservative. He doesn’t change. He is not only pro-life, He is the author of life. He said to give your money. He didn’t say to petition “Caesar” to take from neighbor A by force to redistribute to neighbor B and to call it “giving” on your part. And so on.

Let’s Put This One To Rest Please – Yes, Intelligent Design can make testable predictions and has shown its superiority to Darwinism.  Anyone saying otherwise is misinformed or lying.

“Darwinian hypotheses make testable predictions and ID hypotheses (so far) don’t.”

This statement is breathtakingly false. Let us take just one example. For years Darwinists touted “junk DNA” as not just any evidence but powerful, practically irrefutable evidence for the Darwinian hypothesis. ID proponents disagreed and argued that the evidence would ultimately demonstrate function.

Not only did both hypotheses make testable predictions, the Darwinist prediction turned out to be false and the ID prediction turned out to be confirmed.

Pope Pushes Unchristian Values, Calls Christianity “Nonsense” — With Pope Francis’ steady stream of transparently anti-biblical statements, Catholics have less and less excuses for their ignorance of what their church teaches!

Immediately after making a mockery of Jesus’ last command to us, Scalfari asked pope Frank

Your Holiness, is there is a single vision of the Good? And who decides what it is?

Of course in response the true Christian would quote Jesus:

And He said to him, “Why are you asking Me about what is good? There is only One who is good; but if you wish to enter into life, keep the commandments.” (Matthew 19:17)

Instead pope Frank chose to take the opposite route:

“Each of us has a vision of good and of evil. We have to encourage people to move towards what they think is good.”

“Move toward what they think is good” are interesting words. Hopelessly weak and unbiblical, but interesting. Stalin, when he slaughtered 38,000,000 Ukrainians thought he was doing good.

Transgender operations account for high suicide rates – While the Left tries to say that Christians are to blame because they quote God on the topic, the reality is much different.  If you really love these people you won’t encourage them to mutilate themselves.

In Belgium, theLondon Mail reports that a transsexual has chosen to die by euthanasia after a botched sex change operation to complete his transformation into a man left him a ‘monster’.

Nathan (born Nancy) Verhelst, 44, died yesterday afternoon after being allowed have his life ended on the grounds of ‘unbearable psychological suffering’.

It is understood to be the first time someone in Belgium has chosen euthanasia after a sex-change, and comes soon after it emerged that it is now the cause of nearly one in 50 deaths in the country. [source]

It makes you wonder why it hasn’t gotten any US press attention. The lead angle of the story was the bizarre suicide by euthanasia of a woman who got an operation to look like a man and in her own words ended up looking “like a monster”. So distraught at the irreversible damage done to herself,  she committed suicide.

Its tragic that individuals are tortured internally with unending psychological pain, but then to get it “fixed” only to fall into a worse state is proof that “transgenderism” is a serious mental dysfunction. This is what messages like this ultimately lead to particularly for unsuspecting gender confused teens.

Suicide rates among transsexuals and those who have undergone gender reassignment surgery are high with some suggesting the rate may be as high as 31 per cent.

More of this sad story:

And Nancy/Nathan struggled with this pain of rejection right until the time of her death, as the article reports: “Hours before his [sic] death Mr. Verhelst had spoken of how, as a child, he ‘was the girl that nobody wanted,’ describing how his mother had complained that she’d wished he’d been born a boy.”

Does it take a psychologist to recognize that this was the real root of Verhelst’s problems? That being rejected from birth by her own mother as “so ugly” and as a “ghost birth” and as not being the son her mother wanted was the real cause of her gender confusion? (I’m not saying this is always the case, but it was obviously the case here.)

Walt Heyer is a man who lived through this himself, first with his grandmother dressing him up as girl when he was just a few years old (and praising him for his looks after dressing him up), then some years later suffering repeated sexual abuse at the hands of another man.

As a married man with children, Heyer concluded he really was a woman, going through years of hormone therapy and then having sex-change surgery and becoming Laura, an identity he kept for years, only to realize his deeper problems were never resolved. Not surprisingly, the sex-change doctor he saw also failed to explore Heyer’s other issues.

Eventually Heyer got off hormones, reversed what he could surgically and married another woman, launching the website A report on the website today states, “The Belgrade Center for Genital Reconstructive Surgery says that they have received 1,500 requests for reversal surgery.” Why is that?

A good summary of Intelligent Design: “The simplest living cell includes highly sophisticated, functionally integrated information-processing machinery, with error-detection-and-repair algorithms and their implementation.”  If you believe that the universe came from nothing, that life came from non-life and that it evolved to what we see today, then you are the person described here:

Romans 1:18–20 For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

It is foolish and rebellious to think that you get to define whether God exists and what He must be like.  Repent and believe while you still have time.  Eternity is a mighty long time to suffer for your foolish pride.

9 Things You Should Know about Casinos and Gambling – a few of them . . .

4. Problem gamblers account for 40 to 60 percent of slot machine revenues, according to studies conducted over the past decade or so.

5. A large-scale study in 2004 found that people who live within 10 miles of a casino have twice the rate of pathological and problem gambling as those who do not.

6. A study of members of Gamblers Anonymous found that upwards of 26 percent have gambling-related divorces or separations.

7. A study that looked at the spread of casino gambling in 300 Metropolitan Statistical Areas found that the presence of a casino reduces voluntarism, civic participation, family stability, and other forms of social capital within 15 miles of a community where it is located.

8. Casino gambling was once a largely upper-class activity. Today, low-income workers, retirees, minorities, and the disabled include disproportionately large shares of regional casino patrons.

Massachusetts Prevents Conservatives From Adopting Children – The evil of the people who think it is a moral good to kill unwanted babies should never surprise us.

A video has been uncovered of Massachusetts officials promising to weed out foster parents with conservative values who would only “tolerate” a youth’s gender confusion and not endorse it.

Fourteen Years Ago Today, Jesse Dirkhising Was Brutally Sodomized and Died at Hands of Homosexual Predators – So why do so few people know about him and so many know about the false story of Matthew Shepard’s death? (Shepard was brutally killed, but not for being gay.)  Where are the plays, the movements, etc. for Jesse?

Rick Warren and Joel Osteen Join Hands With Oprah – As if you needed any more reasons to avoid them both.  Even if they had rationalized watering things down for years to build up to a big opportunity to share the truth (that would have still been bad), they blew it once again.  They had softballs lobbed to them and they walked away from the plate.

Not surprisingly, the media ignored the sentencing of the gay rights guy who tried to kill people at the Family Research Council.


One thought on “Roundup”

  1. On the subject of so-called sex-change operations, I also thought this was a great piece (Kevin Williamson, National Review Online):

    I think the fact that there are other people who feel a “burning and incessant desire to amputate an otherwise perfectly healthy limb”—cases that have nothing to do with changing their sex—really undermines the liberal understanding of what’s going on with the people who do want to change their sex (i.e., it suggests that in both cases the desire for self-mutilation is pathological).


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