Leftist Methodist leaders embrace LGBTQX agenda AND promiscuity

If you are surprised or if you don’t care, you are part of the problem.  Via #Facepalm Friday: Gay Methodist Caucus Embraces Promiscuity.

This would seem to confirm the worst suspicions about one of the secret workshops, on “Queer Sexual Ethics,” which was advertised as “broaden[ing] discussions of same-sex love to include sexual lifestyles that had been marginalised through a concentration on things like marriage rights” and accepting “a variety of alternate sexual styles.” The leader, Theodore Jennings of the United Church of Christ’s Chicago Theological Seminary, is probably most notorious for asserting that Jesus Christ was homosexually active.

It is striking to see folk in the RMN crowd (at least among themselves) pushing the logic of their movement’s rejection of biblical sexual boundaries to the extreme of embracing promiscuity and even prostitution.

But this does challenge the naiveté of fooling ourselves into thinking that church embrace of the LGBT activist agenda involves no more than same-sex couples celebrating “holy union” services, remaining strictly celibate beforehand, and staying monogamously committed for life thereafter.

False teachers pretend to just want “equality” for allegedly monogamous oxymoronic “same-sex marriage,” but if you keep them talking long enough you’ll find that they mock God across the spectrum.  They progressively reveal more of their anti-biblical teachings and they sometimes get caught saying the truth in private.  But give it a few more years and they’ll be preaching this from the pulpit.

Your denomination should kick them out, today.  This is one of the many reasons I left the Methodist Church.

7 thoughts on “Leftist Methodist leaders embrace LGBTQX agenda AND promiscuity”

  1. This is so sad. I’m wondering more and more if we are not seeing the “great falling away”!?
    I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, so that you will not participate in her sins and receive of her plagues; Rev 18:4


    1. Hi — thanks for visiting and commenting.

      You might be right. I see a positive side to it, though. I think these people aren’t falling away, I think they were never there to begin with. But they pretended to be. Now that they are so transparently false then no one has any excuses not to see it and do something about it (not that they had excuses before. . .).


  2. I saw this in person at one of the UMC annual conferences this year. In the meeting hall, in every bathroom stall in the men’s bathrooms were messages offering oral sex (from another man, natch) starting and ending with the dates of the conference. In addition, there were brochures at one officially-sanctioned table explaning how to safely perform anal sex.

    And I thought we were supposed to be there to figure out how to make more disciples for Christ. Guess not.


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