Why is Obama Ignoring the Beheading, Rape, Murder, and Oppression of Syria’s Christians & Alawites?

In other words, any barbarity committed by various al-Qaeda affiliates, the FSA and other terrorist groups in Syria is either welcomed, swept under the carpet or it means the same forces will obtain more funding and training from the enemies of this country. All in all, so-called opposition forces can gang rape Christian girls, use chemicals, behead people, cut open Syrian soldiers, murder Alawites, kill pro-Sunni Muslim clerics, kidnap Christian bishops and other brutal realities. After all, the red line only applies to the side which is protecting minorities therefore Gulf petrodollars can openly support barbarity – while NATO Turkey is a conduit for military arms and international jihadists.

See Stan’s reminder not to play the victim card, especially when we aren’t really being persecuted.  Having said that, I think it is worthwhile to preserve religious freedoms and protect others from evil where we can.

Randy’s novel Safely Home and Opening Our Eyes to the Reality of the Persecuted Church – A great work on real persecution.

Happy anti-theist PZ Myers takes issue with pitiless Richard Dawkins over pedophelia – Even the atheists are criticizing him – though neither they nor Dawkins have any logical grounding to say that pedophilia is always wrong.

Dawkins can’t find it in himself to condemn adultery (in fact he promotes adultery and lying about it) or mild pedophilia. He ignores the terrorism of animal rights activists in his own back yard, but he’ll fume over someone accepting the idea of a Designer.

Former ‘Satanic Drag Queen’ Finds Love in Jesus, Hatred From Gay Community

Having found a new life, McNutt said he considered himself done with the gay community, but the gay community wasn’t done with him.

“I received death threats,” he recalled. “One guy told me that he was going to put a bullet in my brain because I was a traitor to my people.”

If you’re Black and support Democrats, you’re lucky to be alive…literally – Powerful and true.  Their policies are so anti-Black that if you are Black you are lucky to be alive whether you support them or not.

Let’s recap.  The political left:

  • Rabidly supports unrestricted access to abortion which overwhelmingly takes the lives of Black children.
  • Supports the curtailment of legal gun ownership, which would raise (or at least make no difference in) the level of violent crime in America, which affects Blacks at a significant disproportion.
  • Opposes laws which allow the victim of a violent crime in progress to defend themselves (stand your ground) which have shown to benefit Blacks more than any other race.
  • Supports economic policies which have disproportionately hurt Black families and hindered their ability to be financially stable.
  • Will claim that presenting this data is racist.

Why the Media Will Never Treat Conservatives Fairly – The revolving door of Democrat staff people and media representatives is well documented there.  Don’t be fooled into thinking they are unbiased.

Examples: Why aren’t stories of Post-Trayvon Wave of Anti-White Terrorist Violence Continues Every Day running 24×7?

Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Kids – or for me.

Colorado Democrats lose recall elections over gun-control votes – Sweet!  This is a huge victory, as Leftists who want to get reelected will be more reluctant to take away gun rights.

Colorado voters stunned the nation Tuesday night by ousting two heavily funded Democratic state legislators in a recall election that was cast as a national referendum on gun control. Senate President John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron lost their seats in the state’s first-ever Legislative recall election, despite the support of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, hundreds of ground troops from groups like Organizing for America, and a 7-to-1 spending advantage.

Facebook, Homosexuals Try to Shut Down Boy Scouts Alternative – You know you aren’t surprised.

Why is Obama Ignoring the Beheading, Rape, Murder, and Oppression of Syria’s Christians & Alawites?

Of course, President Obama is all upset that the Syria rebels–many of whom are al Qaeda terrorists–are being attacked by Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad, and he’s touted his famed “red line” that will cause him to consider US military intervention in the civil war. But Obama and his crew have not mentioned one thing about any “red line” for the beheadings, rapes, murders and oppressions of Syria’s minority Christians by the very rebels he claims to want to support.

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4 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Regarding “persecution”: I have a really hard time dealing with the defense of this word by Americans who have not experienced the level of persecution the word naturally conjures in the minds of most people. But because the word is applied to all manner of horrific suffering does not mean the word is unjustified for use by those experiencing less severe forms of it. It isn’t like using war analogies for sports.

    It is another case of those of us on the right, be we religious or not, having lost control of a situation where the left now has the upper hand. In this case, another word is considered improper rather than dealing with the issue that provoked the word’s use. I don’t want to waste another moment of time arguing over whether or not the word is appropriate while the crap continues to be thrown around about what bigoted and hateful people we are for our positions.

    In this case, just how much suffering is required before the word “persecute” is OK to describe what is going on? No one is comparing themselves to those who lose their lives or limbs for being Christian. But loss is suffered nonetheless. Jobs, free speech, income, reputations… By definition, the word does not require death or dismemberment. It is appropriate for use in our own struggles in this country with the secular left.


  2. As I posted on Stan’s blog, there are different levels of persecution. And the homosexualists are certainly persecuting Christians.

    The persecution of the Jews in Germany did not start with the gas chambers. All persecution starts small as they test the waters to see how far they can go. Don’t discount it just because it isn’t to the death yet. There are indeed homosexualists who state that “homophobic” Christians should be killed.


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