Obama and the Left are so desperate that they are having their media cronies like CNN show videos of victims (allegedly killed by Assad).  They are doing it reluctantly, of course.

Hey, does that mean they’ll start showing photos and videos of abortions?  That would change things in a hurry.

Bill Whittle had a great speech about conservative principles and how to win elections.  We’ve let the Left dominate with their lies and there are specific ways to fight back.

The idea is to stop letting moonbats use control of the media to ram through the same three concepts again and again until people mistake them for the truth: 1) wealth is unearned, 2) everybody is special (therefore achievement and individuality are meaningless), and 3) authoritarians just want to help you. These lies need to be replaced with three simple countermoonbat principles: 1) freedom, 2) private property, and 3) virtue. Just don’t tell anyone these values are conservative.

Chicago sex-ed will begin in kindergarten, promote gay lifestyle – Something about millstones comes to mind.  I remember predicting this when I first started blogging and being told it wouldn’t happen.  But it is an obvious consequence of pretending that the government should recognize same-sex unions.

“Comprehensive sex-ed dogmatists believe it’s appropriate for kindergartners to learn about families that are headed by homosexuals, whereas many parents believe that no child in early elementary school should hear anything about homosexuality,” Higgins said. “What’s worse, comprehensive sex ed proponents will present these disordered family structures positively.”

Higgins said the Chicago schools curriculum is part a National Sexuality Education Standards curriculum liberals are pushing around the country, developed by groups including the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, and the National Education Association.

Air Force sergeant who disagreed with homosexuality faces court martial – Silence isn’t good enough.  You must affirm them, or else!

The truth about “the truth about Keystone” – The only environment Obama cares about is his wallet.

I attended Ottawa’s Gay Pride parade. Here’s what I saw. – From everything I’ve read about these parades this is a typical account.  Some people sacrifice the innocence of their children by subjecting them to these parades.  For example, false teacher Chuck “Jesus is not the only way” Currie bragged about taking his 6 yr. old daughters to a gay pride parade. The Gaystapo has persuaded civic leaders and businesses to join in and support these.

I think the general impression of Pride among Christian activists is that it’s a lewd celebration of sex. Certainly that’s the takeaway from the photos you find online. But I’ve always harboured some suspicion that that might just be a caricature – that the photos are just rare aberrations, people picking out the most sensational pieces. So part of my reason for attending was just to see it for myself.

Now, as a witness, I can say that the impression is entirely accurate. While the majority of parade watchers are dressed rather normally, among those walking in the parade it was not odd at all to see semi-nudity and hyper-sexualized dancing. There were loads of people in nothing but underwear, dozens in leather bondage gear, and I saw at least a dozen topless women. I took everything I was handed, and walked away with a dozen condoms. Having now attended, I would describe Pride as a large-scale, state-backed celebration of kinky sex.



6 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. I started to read Winterynight’s story on the Air Force Seargent who has been kicked out, but stopped when I read the line that started “Anyone with a brain in their head who claimed to be Christian knew….”

    You wouldn’t put up with logic like that from someone on the left.


  2. Sorry Randy, but Obama was pro-gay marriage and had voted against born-alive abortion bans as a state senator. When you are voting for a Presidential candidate, you look at their record before you vote. We have a responsibility.


  3. My point is simply that Neil wouldn’t tolerate a statement like that from some of the people who oppose his ideas. Neil has even written about “rules’ (my word) for debate, describing straw-man arguments, etc.

    I did some additional research on this subject, not all chaplains are affected by the changes in the military. Surely this needs additional scrutiny and surely it’s changing rapidly. If the story you detailed is accurate, actions need to be taken to reinstate the sergeant.

    If you want to see the other side, look at what the Southern Baptists are doing: They are carefully watching and giving guidance to their chaplains.

    For the record, I know a Southern Baptist Army Reserve Chaplain. He feeds me a lot of information, which I then validate before posting.


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