Toodledo: Silly name, great app

One of my most-used apps is Toodledo.  Yeah, the name is silly. But it works really well. And yes, you actually have to pay a whole $3 for it, but it is worth it.

One of the best things about apps like this is that you can access and share lists from multiple devices.  I mainly use it on my iPhone, but it is also a constantly open web page on my PC.  And my wife can share the app and the lists on it.  Little things like grocery lists are much easier now.  You can add things whenever you think of them, and put them in the rough order of how they are laid out in the store.  It seems like overkill at first but it is worth it.  And we can both use it at the same time.

I also have to-do lists for:

  • General things
  • Travel checklist — there are 40 possible things I might pack for a given trip.  No wonder I used to forget things!
  • Gift ideas
  • Target / Wal-mart / Lowe’s
  • Names  of people I meet (I try to type them in right away, and that alone helps me remember them)
  • Ballroom dance tips (things I think I’ll remember after a lesson but often forget)
  • Workout lists
  • Work tasks
  • Movies I want to see
  • More!

If you don’t use an app like this I encourage you to try it.  It will make your life much more organized with minimal cost and time requirements.

One thought on “Toodledo: Silly name, great app”

  1. Yep, I’m a hard-core Toodledo user as well. It’s not necessarily pretty, but I haven’t found a better todo list app yet in terms of functionality…


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