Soft drinks

I think that the New York City soda ban is beyond absurd.  It is disappointing to see how many people can’t see the downsides of having the government try to control things like that.

But I do think that sodas should only be used as treats — even the diet kinds.  Brown water and chemicals are just not a smart thing to put in your body on a regular basis.  Drink coffee if you want the caffeine.

I realize it would take a little discipline, but if people tried drinking water instead for a few weeks they’d be amazed at the impact on their health and their wallets (drinks are probably the highest margin things on restaurant menus).

I think these are effective ways to get people to reconsider what is in their soft drinks (more here):



3 thoughts on “Soft drinks”

  1. When making drinks like lemonade at home, liquid stevia is a good sugar substitute. Yes, it’s a different flavor with no “real” sugar, but it is sweet — and it’s natural, so is undoubtedly better for a person than aspartame, Splenda, or other artificial sugar substitutes.


  2. Sodas are absolutely my weakness. I now only drink them on the weekends. But I love my huge fountain diet Dr. Pepper. I wish I could get myself to like coffee and tea. I just don’t.


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