Since this is a full-service blog, I’m going to share my (not really) patented PB&J recipe with you.  By reading this you agree to send me a $0.05 royalty every time you use it.  The Bumbling Genius got me thinking about it with a Facebook post.

I start with toasted Ciabatta bread and JIF peanut butter (my wife has a very strong brand preference). Toasting the bread makes the peanut butter melt a little bit.  Lately I’ve substituted thawed frozen fruit (which, to be precise, is back to being just fruit — albeit softer) for jelly.  So technically, it is a PB&F sandwich.

You have to put peanut butter on both pieces of bread, of course. That seals the bread, plus doing just one side is a misdemeanor in 37 states. Then I take frozen blueberries or strawberries out and let them thaw. Actually, I had to have done that earlier or I’m going to have to wait a long time. (I also use the unfrozen-frozen-fruit in my yogurt/granola/fruit bowls that I eat each night.  My wife has been making homemade yogurt and granola that are unbelievably good).  Then I squish the fruit between the bread slices. It is sweet and juicy (a little messier, I suppose) — but not too sweet, like jelly can be.  Mmmmmm. Now I’m hungry.



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