I’ve got a busy few months coming up.  My oldest daughter is getting married soon, which means I’ll be a “little” busy celebrating her marriage to a fantastic man (praise God for that!). Then I’ll be leading a prison ministry weekend this Fall that will require a lot of prep time.  But it should be transparent here at Eternity Matters, post-wise.  I try to stay at least a couple weeks ahead on blogging with every-other-day posts plus some Roundups thrown in.  I make it a habit to fast from news and such while on vacation, so to keep a steady stream of posts going I thought I’d mix in a few reruns of my favorites from my early blogging years (2006-2008).  It will be one per week or less, or your money back.  They will be new to most people.  For you long-time folks, try to look surprised.

P.S. Alternate title: Reruns.  Because I’m just that lazy.

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