Bad spleen joke of the day


From the “weird search engine terms” category, I noticed a few hits from people searching for “spleen joke.”  Because you can’t start your week without a good spleen joke, right?  So I’m re-running this 2007 gem as a courtesy.

OK, it is more of just a pun, and the “of the day” part is a stretch.  This is probably more of a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Actual conversation:

Daughter:  My friend’s uncle found out that he had more than one spleen.

Me:  Well, then he has some ex-spleening to do.

You can start groaning . . . . . . . . . . now!

There was an episode of the TV show House where the patient had too many spleens.  I was surprised they didn’t work this joke into the dialogue!  Can’t you just see Dr. House saying that?

Feel free to share your own spleen jokes and/or odd search engine terms from your blogs.

5 thoughts on “Bad spleen joke of the day”

  1. My children have begged me not to participate in that kind of humor. “It’s not humorous, Dad.” I beg to differ. But I think I’d lose all readers if I started a “bad pun of the day” series. That’s because I excel at bad puns. (Is there such a thing as a good one?)


      1. See? How do things like this hap-pun? Truly, you’re spleen joke didn’t have a leg to stand on. I could barely stomach it. I’m not sure you understand the anatomy of a pun. And the hits just keep coming. 🙂


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