It isn’t just Gosnell

The pro-abortion media, politicians and false teachers want to pretend that Kermit Gosnell, convicted baby-killer, was a rogue abortionist.  But as you might expect, people who kill babies for a living don’t mind breaking the laws surrounding how to kill babies for a living.  And the phonies who pretend that Gosnell is some lone monster are have blood on their hands.

Here’s one example of many from Abortion Doc After Baby Born Alive: “What could I do? I killed the baby.” 

Davis also reveals what Dr. Tucker told her about an event that happened at one of the clinics he ran, a different clinic from the one where he employed Davis.

According to her testimony:

Then one day, Dr. Tucker came back to Alabama, where I was. He had been working in Mississippi. He said, “I had a real hard time in Mississippi, we had a problem and you need to go out and try to calm down the employees.”

I said, “What happened?”

He said, “There was a girl who came in for an abortion. I thought she was eighteen weeks. She ended up being closer to term. I inserted the laminaria and she went into labor. She went into labor and delivered a live, healthy baby.”

I said, “What did you do?”

He said, “What could I do? I killed the baby. But all the employees are really upset, so you need to go and take care of this.”

Remember that technically speaking the crimes of these “doctors” are that they killed the babies a few seconds too late.  But all abortions, except the very rare occasions to save the life of the mother, are just as immoral as killing the baby outside the womb.  Don’t let people forget that.

And remind them about the media blackout on Gosnell and the rest of these killers.

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