Superman combo

Random Superman things . . .

1. I see very few movies, so I’m not sure if I’ll see the Man of Steel.  But it does sound really good.  The bad guys are evolutionists — how sweet is that?!

[T]his Man of Steel movie is one of the most spiritually symbolic and Messianic-image-packed treatments ever made about this character. Here, Clark Kent even comes to understand—at the age of 33, no less—his responsibility to step up, face off with and destroy an ultimate evil that threatens all mankind.

But that’s at the end. At the climax. All through this film dialogue and images hint at connections between Superman and Jesus. Several people, from Jor-El to Jonathan to Zod’s female second, Faora-Ul, talk to Clark about his ability (or lack of ability) to save the people on his adopted planet. Superman levitates with his arms spread in a cross-like form on several occasions. When he goes to his church to ask a priest for advice, the camera’s eye frames a stained-glass representation of Christ over the young Clark’s shoulder. The priest tells him, “Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith first. The trust part comes later.”

After Clark rescues a bus full of children, a kid’s mother states, “This was an act of God!” Clark asks his dad, “Did God do this to me?” When Lara worries about her infant son’s safety on Earth, Jor-El assures her, “He’ll be a god to them.” Bad guy Kryptonians tell Superman that they will win because “evolution always wins.”

2. When digital photography and editing came out in the late 90’s I had fun with the girls and with Junior Achievement classes by taking pictures of them with their arms over their heads and then putting them in 8×10 Superman photos like this (except with the kids, instead of Wishbone as a puppy).  They had no idea why they were posed like that until they saw the pictures.  Good times.


3. Enjoy this Stephen Crowder video about how Superman would have to act if he were in a union.

3 thoughts on “Superman combo”

  1. My wife and I saw Man of Steel last night. I thought it was…er, super 🙂 There was plenty of good content for starting discussions, and that evolutionary bit was certainly one of them. There was a small part that stood out for me. The U.S. Government wasn’t sure if it could trust Kal-El, so they sent drones to try and keep tabs on him. Kal-El, needless to say, doesn’t appreciate this and confronts the U.S. General on being spied on. Kal-El assures him that he won’t betray U.S. national interests, but insists that relations between them must “be on my terms. Not yours.” I thought that line coupled with Kal-El’s actions beautifully illustrated the way God wants us to approach him; on His terms, not ours. There were also some pretty epic battles as a bonus, if you enjoy that sort of thing 🙂


  2. Man of Steel was the first movie I’ve seen in the theaters since Silver Linings Playbook — no real interest in Iron Man 3, spoilers made me glad I skipped Star Trek Into Darkness, and Australia has made this huge Luhrmann fan wary of Great Gatsby — and I’d say it was worth seeing.

    The movie isn’t perfect, but I think some of the hardcore Superman fans are blowing out of proportion how the main character deviates from what the “real” Superman would do. The biggest problem is the juxtaposition of the typical Lois-and-Clark tropes at the end, in the context of pretty massive devastation in Metropolis, but I’d still put the movie in the same league as Iron Man and Avengers.

    It’s no Dark Knight, but what is?


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