One of the most sadly and morbidly ironic things ever: Brooklyn ‘Life Coach’ Couple Who Hosted Self-Help Radio Show Commit Double Suicide.

They hosted a monthly radio show called “The Pursuit of Happiness” on WBAI that focused on “personal development and growth.” WBAI describes them as speakers and “life coaches.”

Hat tip: Wintery Knight

It isn’t just harassment from the IRS, it is from the EPA and other organizations such as the police.  Yet the media is following the Democrats’ script that these abuses of power are an overreach by Republicans.  Nonsense.

ACLU Sues to Allow Abortions Based on Race, Who’s the Racist Now? — Charming.  They also defend gender-selection abortions, nearly all of which destroy females for the sole reason that they are female.  Why?  Because the Left is pro-women, of course!

On May 29, the ACLU filed suit (on behalf of two civil rights groups) to stop an Arizona pro-life law.This law, passed in 2011, is designed to prohibit doctors and abortion providers from performing abortions that they know are based on the gender or race of the child. One could reasonably assume that all Americans – and civil rights groups in particular – would oppose targeting any human being for death based simply on her gender or race. Sadly, in the face of abortion, we can no longer make reasonable assumptions. While somewhere between 77-86% of Americans agree with banning abortions based on gender, the ACLU has determined to rebel against this basic ideal of a civilized society. To the ACLU, abortion on demand apparently means that abortion done for any reason – no matter how outrageous – must be fully supported. It’s a sad day in America when leading civil rights groups take a stand on the side of gendercide and blatant racism. Yet this is one more horrible direction where abortion leads us. Arizona’s law does not penalize women who seek abortions based on the gender or race of their child. It only penalizes the abortionist. Despite this obvious fact, the executive director of one of the civil rights groups the ACLU is representing stated:  ‘This law is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing that purports to be about achieving equality for women when in reality it’s an attempt to control our reproductive decisions-making,’ said Miriam Yeung, NAPAWF’s executive director. ‘We hope the judgment in this case will expose the true intentions of the politicians behind these abortion bans and show unequivocally that they discriminate against women of color, Asian-American and African-American in particular.’

As always, the spin about “reproductive decisions” fails the basic science test.  All abortions are designed to kill human beings who have already been reproduced.  The decision isn’t whether to reproduce but whether to kill the unwanted human being who has been reproduced. More evil from the ACLU: But … It Was Consensual!

The case of 18-year-old Kaitlyn Hunt, charged with a felony for having sex with a 14-year-old, has elicited the support of the American Civil Liberties Union, which calls this “behavior that is both fairly innocuous and extremely common.” Well, OK, if 18 and 14 is no problem, how about 13 and 19? And how about a foursome? Three 19-year-old northwest Indiana men have been charged separately with child molesting involving the same 13-year-old girl, the Post-Tribune is reporting.

The push for “morning after pills” and abortions for young girls and the Planned Parenthood-style “kids should have sex when they think they are ready” nonsense have handed pedophiles and statutory rapists a great defense: If the kids can have consensual sex with other 12-13 year olds, why not 15? Or 18? or 28?

Sifting Reality asked, “Is there a legitimate reason abortion defenders fight to limit or eliminate parental notification laws?”  My answer: No. The typical argument I’ve heard is that the girl might get hurt by her parents. But we have laws for that. And take it to its logical conclusion: Kids “might” get abused for getting in trouble at school, or getting bad grades, or getting in trouble with the police, etc. So using the pro-abortion logic of insisting that the risk of getting abused means you don’t have a right to know that your child is having a physically and emotionally dangerous medical procedure to kill your grandchild, you would to give every kid all A’s, you couldn’t discipline or arrest them, etc. It is only the depraved desire to be able to kill unwanted human beings that would make someone even consider that stupid argument.

Video: Tea Party activist describes IRS intimidation tactics — This is the tip of the iceberg.  This should be a thoroughly well-documented anti-IRS issue for many years to come.

And another, where they protect the baby killers at Planned Parenthood from being protested — Pro-life victim of IRS targeting testifies before Ways and Means Committee.

Then there is the audacity of the Democrats and their owned media to blame the victims of the IRS abuse.  They deliberately abused their power to intimate donors.

5 Lies the Democrats Told To Sell Obamacare — And they weren’t even clever lies.  They were identified as lies before it even passed.

Obamacare hasn’t fully taken effect yet, but when it does, it’s only going to get worse. Everything from death panels to unimaginably long waits for surgeries to bureaucrats denying effective, relatively common, currently in use treatments because they are “too expensive” are all coming down the pike. Obamacare is too much of a disaster to truly fix; so the best thing we can do right now is let this nightmare become reality, let people see how bad it is and then insist on a repeal or bust. Either the Democrats live with the disaster they’ve inflicted on the American people at the ballot box long term or they do the right thing and allow us to repeal this monstrosity before it does even more damage to our country.

From the religion of peace and the politically correct cowards who refuse to call it out:

3 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. This is all so very discouraging. Every election brings us more evidence that the majority of Americans think that it is OK to rise above the law when it comes to taking out your political enemies. They have no idea that when government has no restraints, eventually everyone becomes a political enemy at some point. But, I guess that’s how bad ideas win. By brute force. In Obama’s first term it seemed like a political blitzkrieg. Now it looks like a Scandal blitzkrieg. God only knows what it will be if the house falls.


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