Subtle, Facebook. Very subtle.

It was my youngest daughter’s 20th birthday recently.  The Facebook birthday reminder (not that I needed one — I’m pretty good at remembering things like that) noted the following:

[Your daughter’s] 20th birthday is today.

Give her Jamba Juice

[Your daughter] likes Jamba Juice

Well, she does like Jamba Juice.  Who doesn’t?  I have fond memories of stopping by there to pick up a bunch of Smoothies at their ballet studio on Saturdays when they were rehearsing for shows like the Nutcracker.  So I sent her a note that said, “Maybe you should get a Jamba juice? That suggestion had no effect on me whatsoever.”

The next day Facebook had this message in the birthday reminder section:


[Your daughter’s] 20th birthday was yesterday.

Give her Jamba Juice for her birthday

[Your daughter] likes Jamba Juice.

So I sent another note that said, “LOL – and they are still reminding me today!  OK, OK, I’ll buy you a Jamba Juice!  Tomorrow they’ll probably have one that says “[Your daughter’s] 20th birthday was two days ago . . .”

You know where this is going, right?

Yep.  The message on the next day:

[Your daughter’s] 20th birthday was 2 days ago.

Give her Jamba Juice for her birthday

[Your daughter] likes Jamba Juice.

I’m pretty sure that tomorrow’s message will say, “[Your daughter’s] birthday was 3 days ago and you still haven’t given her a Jamba Juice.  What are you, a deadbeat dad?  Now give her a Jamba Juice like we told you!” Or possibly, “[Your daughter’s] birthday is 362 days from now.  Give her a Jamba Juice.”

I’ll let you know if/when this ends.

P.S. To Facebook: I like Jamba Juice, too.  Please remind people of that on my next birthday.


Bonus section: Speaking of smoothies, I’m sure you are all interested in my latest recipe.  I decided to add beets.  Well, not multiple beets, or even a whole beet.  Just part of a beet (a whole one had a little too much flavor).

  • Milk or green tea
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Beet
  • Banana
  • 2 types of frozen fruit (apples, blueberries, peaches, etc.)
  • Protein powder
  • Oatmeal

I drink half in the afternoon as a snack and half for First Breakfast each morning.

8 thoughts on “Subtle, Facebook. Very subtle.”

  1. Like all good things, that sounds disgusting. But then, I live in a house of fruit haters who gag while I eat avocado straight from the shell. I’m sure the smoothy is quite tasty in reality, but not sure I could handle that much nutrition all at once.


    1. That’s why I make those. They are a utilitarian solution. I don’t expect to see them on the Jamba Juice menu, but they really don’t taste bad. In their raw form the carrots and spinach don’t have a strong flavor. But I literally gag at the thought of eating cooked vegetables. This is my way to sneak veggies into my body. I love fruit, but this is just an efficient way to get it and to balance things out!

      P.S. Mmmmmm . . . avocados. I think of those as healthy fats. But we got a little spoiled when we visited Kenya and had fresh ones every day. The ones we get here are good but not quite the same.


  2. I believe there is a link for you to click to order Jamba Juice in the notification. It may not stop until you order one for her.


    1. I never heard of Jamba Juice either. I guess we live in the wrong part of the country, or maybe we are just too old.


  3. Sorry … the recipe doesn’t sound appealing to me. My mother told me, “If you can’t drink something nice, don’t drink anything at all.” Or something like that.


    1. Ha! Yes. My wife sent the girls a text with a picture of me holding the beets and this caption: “Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica. (Fresh from Schrute farms or possibly Kroger. )”


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