Wrong on multiple levels

This is a touching video of a couple who chose not to abort their child despite recommendations from “health care” providers.

There are a couple lessons from this that our morally schizophrenic and overly litigious society needs to learn.

1. Don’t kill human beings because they might have something wrong with them.

2. Don’t kill human beings even if they do have something wrong with them.

I’ve come across many people who were told by their doctors that they should abort, yet they have healthy kids today.  Who knows how many have been killed who were perfectly healthy?  And even if they weren’t healthy, they shouldn’t have been killed.  We don’t do that to human beings outside the womb, so we shouldn’t do it inside the womb.

We didn’t bother with the amniocentesis with our daughters because there is no way we would have aborted and there was nothing that would have helped with our preparations for them if they had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Hat tip: The Bumbling Genius (who is much more genius than bumbler).

7 thoughts on “Wrong on multiple levels”

  1. One of those babies whose mother was urgently advised to abort is now my devoutly-Christian, 21 year-old, 6’2″, perfect physical specimen grandson who will this summer graduate the Univ. of FL–which he attended on full merit scholarship–with a magna cum laude degree in microphysics..


  2. We didn’t bother with those tests for the same reason. The tests actually introduce a risk to the child, and can only give bad news. So why have the tests at all?


    1. So my daughter reasoned at the time, but her OB & his nurse were so insistent they scared her husband and he persuaded her to have the amniocentesis. But she refused to act on the negative result, and her husband might now be the humblest & most grateful man alive. Because It was not only their first but their last child, due to what was at the time an incipient physical condition. That she could even then carry a healthy child to term is nothing short of a miracle.


  3. My husband and I declined those tests also and for the same reason. The only thing that even made us think about it is that some very few conditions can now be treated in utero. However, many of these issues (such as certain heart problems) that can be treated before birth are not reliably detected by amniocentesis or other such tests. They are more likely to be detected by ultrasound. Still, there is a small possibility that those tests would detect something that could be treated in the womb. Yet the tests themselves carry a small risk as well. They can (and do) sometimes cause miscarriage or other problems. This risk is, as far as I can determine, higher than the possibility of detecting a treatable problem. Thus, we decided that not having the tests was the better course of action.


  4. This is key: Don’t kill human beings even if they do have something wrong with them.

    we keep forgetting this piece.

    This goes the same for the other seemingly insurmountably question: what shall we do with babies conceived as the result of rape or incest? We should abort them!

    Clearly what is suggested is that: It is OK to kill people that remind you of bad things or bring you unpleasant memories. But this again it’s the wrong thinking. Imagine the outcome otherwise.


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