Abortionist declared a murderer . . . wait, isn’t that redundant?

Good news: Kermit Gosnell convicted on 3 of 4 counts of murdering babies, killing 41-year-old woman.

When your legal job description is to deliberately kill innocent but unwanted human beings, it is a little weird that you would get convicted of murder. Yet because Gosnell killed the babies 30 seconds too late he will (hopefully) spend the rest of his life in jail (I doubt capital punishment will be an option given his age).

But never forget: Just because his victims were a little bigger than average and his clinics a little dirtier than average doesn’t mean he isn’t virtually indistinguishable from the other “doctors” who kill babies for a living.

This will go down in history as one of the biggest stories buried by the Liberal media. They try to ignore it, or when they do report it they treat him as an anomaly. But he’s much closer to the mean — just like Planned Parenthood.  People who kill babies for a living don’t mind breaking the rules in place for killing babies for a living.

7 thoughts on “Abortionist declared a murderer . . . wait, isn’t that redundant?”

  1. And they’re thinking of charging that guy who kidnapped those three women in Cleveland with murder for inducing an abortion … which would have been perfectly legal in different circumstances. Ah, the irony.


    1. Apparently, a baby is only a person if his mother wants him. If she doesn’t want him, she can have him murdered with no repercussions (for herself or the abortionist) provided it is done before he is fully out of the womb. But if she does want him, he magically transforms into a person and anyone who kills him is a murderer. Of course, should she change her mind at some point during the pregnancy, he changes again into a non-person that can be killed at will. Such is the “logic” of the pro-abortion crowd. All must bow to the power of a woman’s choice.


      1. That is an excellent point about the mom changing her mind. That often happens. We meet with at CareNet Pregnancy Center who don’t want an abortion but change their minds later based on pressure from others. So in the eyes of the law the unborn goes from being valuable to non-valuable.


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