“Oh, it was just stabbings? Never mind.”

There was a recent set of stabbings at a local community college that just happens to be a few miles from us.  Mercifully, no one was killed or permanently injured.  My youngest daughter used to take classes there and some friends currently attend there.

The TV sound was off when I first saw the news in the locker room at 24 Hour Fitness over my lunch hour, so I assumed it was gun-related.  Fortunately the weapon of choice for the evil person was a knife and not a gun.

But why didn’t this continue to be newsworthy?  Where are the calls for bans on knives?  Oops — guns, knives and even clubs are already banned there!  Where are the calls for knife registrations and knife purchase background checks?  We all know that if guns had been used that the Leftist gun-grabbing ghouls and false teachers would have been trying to gut the 2nd Amendment before the bodies were cold.

Once again the students were set up to be victims because the law-abiding citizens were left unarmed.  Some heroes stepped in to stop the bad guy, but if they had been armed there might have been less injuries.  And if the bad guy had used a gun then many lives could have been lost because no one could have stopped him.

2 thoughts on ““Oh, it was just stabbings? Never mind.””

  1. Because “crazy person control” would require something constructive be done about the problem. It would mean government would have to start taking care of the most vulnerable members of society again. Odd, isn’t it – at a time when we have one in seven Americans on food stamps and something like 1 out of 2 receiving some kind of federal transfer payments – that there’s no talk of reopening all the mental institutions that were shut down in the 60s and involuntarily committing crazy people…where they’d receive therapy, be protected from malicious persons, be separated from the rest of society, and receive what they call “three hots and a cot?”

    No. The moment you talk about going back to the “bad old days,” someone starts up with how we need to de-stigmatize mental illness and get it out into the mainstream…or something. It seems completely lost on so many that crazy people aren’t just crazy, many of them are also dangerous. So many of them might not be so crazy – in fact maybe they’d be living normal lives – if they got the help they need. Many mental health conditions are manageable with a combination of drugs and therapy.

    Worse, the truly crazy ones stay far, far from help – and as we’ve seen in the past few years, even the people who tried to get them help (before they went on a rampage) often got no cooperation from the authorities.

    Frankly I’d like to know why all those state-owned mental hospitals are sitting abandoned and idle today, instead of filled with people who’ve gone over the edge.


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