An exhaustive list of the verses telling us to listen for messages from God (when praying or otherwise)

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Yep, there aren’t any.  Be cautious of leaders who claim otherwise.  Ask for verses, in context.  That doesn’t mean that God couldn’t speak to you that way, just that it isn’t normative or biblical and that the burden of proof is on the one claiming they did hear from God.  If they quote what He allegedly said to them then they are putting their words on par with the inspired Bible.  It is possible, but that’s quite a claim.

And it means you shouldn’t teach others that they must be doing something wrong if they aren’t “hearing” from God in personalized ways.  Don’t harm the faith of others with non-biblical teachings.  It isn’t loving.

If you want to hear from God, read the Bible.  If you want to hear from him audibly, then read the Bible out loud.  I suggest a deep study of the 31,173 verses He definitely gave us before insisting on a personal bonus revelation.

P.S. Please note that I am not discounting the Holy Spirit in any way.  I love him as I love the Father and the Son and He has unique roles outlined in scripture.  But again, please offer specific verses, in context, if your claim is that the Bible says it is normative to get specific communications from him when praying.

9 thoughts on “An exhaustive list of the verses telling us to listen for messages from God (when praying or otherwise)”

  1. I only ‘Liked’ this post because we don’t have a “LOVE” button!

    I would also suggest, “If you want to hear from him audibly, then read the Bible out loud, *AND find a church with a pastor who preaches FROM the Scriptures.*”


  2. Great post Neil. And timely. I am shocked by the number of believers that have bought into this “God sent me a dream.” “God sent me a message through so-and-so.” “God sent me a message by taking every 3 letter from the 1st chapter of the book of Psalms.”

    All of his messages are in the Word and translated for us in English.


    1. I hate to exclude ALL dreams and visions. There are many reports from Islamic Africa of people receiving dreams and visions with messages that are consistent when tested against scripture. The point being, THIS IS NOT NORMATIVE.

      The point should also not be missed that we have the Word of God in the original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, and that it has been translated faithfully into hundreds of common, modern languages.


      1. Those reports of Islamic dreams, at least the ones I have heard about, always affirm the scriptures. And the people who have them are willing to disrupt their lives and even die to follow the scripture.
        The people I think Neil is referring to don’t even want ot be embarrassed by following the scripture and I certainly don’t think they intend to die for it.


  3. My youngest son (now not so young) excelled at Scripture memory. He won awards for his memorization. One day I found them all tucked away in the closet. “Son,” I asked, “why did you put them away?” “I don’t think memorizing God’s Word should earn me awards,” he expressed (admirably). I told him a little secret. “You know what you did when you memorized those passages? You gave God a vocabulary. In the future, when you have a question or concern or just a prayer, you’ll find that God will actually answer you from those passages” God speaks. He speaks through His Word. He confirms His Word. It’s a good thing. “Not good enough” is a dangerous position to take.


  4. God does speak through dreams and visions, we just don’t build an alter and sell all we own based on that. He confirms through the Word and many different things in our lives.


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