The Tragedy of the Dumb Church — anti-intellectualism is a huge problem in churches.  The author’s example of churches ignoring apologetics for adults and youth is the same thing I’ve seen at most churches.

More great undercover videos from Lila Rose — She busted Planned Parenthood a few times.  Now she nails other abortionists for admitting what they’d do with babies who survived “botched abortions” (as someone on Facebook noted, is there a more bizarre term than that?  I mean, they are saying, “We tried to kill this defenseless baby and she survived.  What now?!”).

My only internal conflict is that abortions in the womb — whether early or not — are just as evil as infanticide.  These Gosnell et al ghouls seem worse but pro-choices will just dismiss them as being extreme.

Five Tactics for Cheap, Healthy Eating — some good, simple advice.

The Thing About Sex — great article on the biblical perspective.

From an evolutionary perspective sex is little more than a means of spreading genes, of ensuring survival from one generation to the next. From a pornographic perspective, the meaning of sex is physical gratification so that a person’s worth extends no farther than her (or his) ability to satisfy another person’s cravings. From a romantic comedy perspective, sex is a component of an exploratory phase of a relationship and one that precedes expressions of love and loyalty. These are ubiquitous, powerful messages that compete with truth.

A Christian perspective on sex could hardly stand in sharper contrast. There we see that sex belongs to marriage and that marriage has been created by God for a very specific purpose. Before it is anything else, marriage is a picture, a metaphor, of the relationship of Christ and his church. Within that picture, that representation of Christ and his church, we have sex. Sex is a necessary component of marriage so that a couple desiring to live in obedience to the Bible will regularly have sex together (see 1 Corinthians 7:1-5). And here is where we come to your concern. . . .

This is where a Christian understanding of sex is so much better and greater than the alternatives. It heightens the purpose and importance of sex by celebrating all that sex is and all that it is meant to be, for it is here that the physical, the emotional and the spiritual come together in the most powerful way. Literally: the most powerful way. There is nothing in the human experience that brings these three together in such dramatic fashion and this is exactly why sex is reserved for the marriage bed. God wants marriage to be a unique kind of relationship and nothing marks marriage’s uniqueness more than sex.

You Say, This Is History’s Darkest Hour? G. Campbell Morgan Says, Oh, Be Quiet! — Good reminder by Randy Alcorn.  As bad as things seem, in light of history not much has changed.  We have the message of true hope for a world that desperately needs it — just like it always has.

Kermit Gosnell is not an exception.  That’s one of the reasons why the media is suppressing his story.  Relatively speaking, he was more compassionate than this abortionist — Abortion Doctor: I Would Leave Babies to Die Born Alive After Abortion.  At least Gosnell killed them quickly.  

Syrup of Ipecac substitute of the week: Barack Obama to largest abortion provider Planned Parenthood: God Bless You — We shouldn’t be surprised when drivers of unrestricted, taxpayer-funded baby killing blasphemously invoke God’s name to try and sanitize their beliefs. Oddly, he never mentioned Kermit Gosnell during his talk.

Who would have guessed this?  Having female prison guards in male prisons leads to rape, pregnancies and abuse.  Sadly, because of political correctness the leaders must pretend the solution isn’t obvious.  Therefore, they’ll spend a lot of time and money trying to fix the problem with things they know won’t work.  The prison where I do some ministry has female guards.  It always struck me as a combustible situation, and here’ s proof that it is.

Why is DHS stockpiling so much ammo? – Probably an unbelievably wasteful attempt to drive up prices.  Yeah, let’s borrow more money from China during the sequester to throw away like this, while we cancel White House tours and deliberately make air travel less bearable.

6 thoughts on “Roundup”

  1. Re “dumb church”. I see parents raising their children on Jersey Shore and government schools and expecting a weekly hour of Church babysitting to inculcate morality, and morality without a doctrinal basis beyond God loves you unconditionally. This is no less than a tragedy.


  2. Re: the Dumb Church. While I was allowed to teach a 14-week adult Sunday School class on cults and other false teachings eight years ago, I have consistently been denied the same opportunity for the youth (junior and senior high), without explanation.

    When I would bring in raise apologetics issues in adult Sunday School classes I attended, which were germane to the topic at hand, and do the same thing in our small group meetings (both led by the same pastor), I was telephoned and told to cease and desist because I wasn’t staff or designated teacher, and therefore it was not my place to bring up false teachings even though it was germane to the topic – because some people were offended when I named names. My question back was, where in the Bible does it say only church staff can expose false teachings?

    An excellent apologist, G. Richard Fisher, calls it spiritual AIDS – Acquired Ignorance of Doctrine Syndrome.”


    1. How sad that they didn’t tap into your expertise! I think part of it is a pride issue. Some of us lay people spend a lot of time on certain subjects so on those things we actually know more than the pastors. That isn’t a dig at them, because they have broad responsibilities. But if they would humble themselves and use what we’ve got it would be a much better situation!


  3. Sometimes I feel the problem is not that the church is dumb, it’s that we sit around and talk about faith but never execute it.


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