Gun registries and background checks are either meaningless or malicious.

Meaningless: The criminals won’t participate, so all you have is an expensive, burdensome process to gather a list of law-abiding citizens.  And even if they worked on guns, they would do nothing about knives, clubs, pressure cookers, etc.

Malicious: The lists will ultimately be used to disarm law-abiding citizens.  Anyone denying that is part of the problem — either via evil intentions or via naiveté and/or ignorance of history.

Mark Steyn nails it, as usual.

In America, all atrocities are not equal: Minutes after the Senate declined to support so-called gun control in the wake of the Newtown massacre, the president rushed ill-advisedly on air to give a whiny, petulant performance predicated on the proposition that one man’s mass infanticide should call into question the constitutional right to bear arms.

Simultaneously, the media remain terrified that another man’s mass infanticide might lead you gullible rubes to question the constitutional right to abortion, so the ongoing Kermit Gosnell trial in Philadelphia has barely made the papers — even though it involves large numbers of fully delivered babies who were decapitated and had their feet chopped off and kept in pickling jars. Which would normally be enough to guarantee a perpetrator front-page coverage for weeks on end.

In the most recent testimony, one of the “clinic”‘s “nurses” testified that she saw a baby delivered into the toilet, where his little arms and feet flapped around as if trying to swim to safety.

Then another “women’s health worker” reached in and, in the procedure’s preferred euphemism, “snipped” the baby’s neck — i.e., severed his spinal column.

“Doctor” Gosnell seems likely to prove America’s all-time champion mass murderer. But his victims are ideologically problematic for the media, and so the poor blood-soaked monster will never get his moment in the spotlight.

Hey, don’t miss Fossil Freedom Day of Action this year!  I wonder how the participants will get there, because they would never be hypocritical and use fossil fuels to go to an event dedicated to not using fossil fuels.  Right?!

20 Questions Liberals Can’t Answer

Ben Carson Silenced, Bill Ayers Given Podium

Inspiring role model Ben Carson was forced to cancel a commencement speech at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, despite being director of the school’s Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery, because he does not endorse the grotesque blasphemy of homosexual “marriage.” In stark contrast, unrepentant communist terrorist Bill Ayers — best known for his involvement in bombing the Pentagon, the Capitol, and NYPD Police Headquarters; for encouraging his followers to “kill all the rich people” and “kill your parents”; and for still more damagingly launching the career of Barack Hussein Obama from his living room — was well received last spring at the University of Oregon, where he crowed that America is in decline . . .

The USA is declining, all right. What healthy country would silence Ben Carson, while tolerating an evil freak like Bill Ayers, even electing his protégé to the White House?

But the decline can be reversed, so long as people remember the principles that prevailed when America was great, and are willing to fight to restore them.

Good commentary on original sin.  Or just funny.

Pearls Before Swine

Planned Parenthood agrees with them as well, as do many false teachers.  Oh, and they all want them to be funded by taxpayers.

This was floating around last week, which no Christian should ever use.  Real Christians know that praying to any other “god” is not only useless but blasphemous.


But it gets better: In a bit of morbid irony in the midst of this tragedy, the car hijacked by the terrorists had a COEXIST bumper sticker.  Talk about being mugged by reality!

More from Mark Steyn on the COEXIST bumper sticker from the car the terrorists hijacked:

I wonder, when the “CO-EXIST” car is returned to its owner, whether he or she will keep the bumper sticker in place. One would not expect him to conclude, as the gays of Amsterdam and the Jews of Toulouse and the Christians of Egypt have bleakly done, that if it weren’t for that Islamic crescent you wouldn’t need a bumper sticker at all. But he may perhaps have learned that life is all a bit more complicated than the smiley-face banalities of the multiculturalists.

Did FDR help end the Depression or prolong it?  The pesky Law of Intended Consequences resulted in the latter.

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