It is a sad, sad day for false teachers. Islamic whitewashing coming in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

That sound you hear is that of false teachers crying because the Boston terrorists weren’t “right wing extremists.”  So they will have to completely re-do their blog posts and recycle a previous one where they ignore history, the Quaran and common sense and pretend that Islam is a religion of peace.  It is also a buzzkill for their memes on why we should get rid of the 2nd Amendment.

Note: I’m not saying all Muslims are terrorists.  It isn’t a monolith of a pure set of beliefs any more than all those claiming the name of Christ believe and do the same things.  I know plenty of Muslims who are “bad Muslims” in the sense that they don’t follow the Quaran.  Good for them.  I also know lots of “bad Christians” who really are bad in the sense that they do the opposite of the Bible.  Bad for them.

But don’t sit by and let the fake Christians make things worse by ignoring the threat of Islam.  It isn’t a phobia if the threat is real.

Also see Allen West on the real problem.  If you really love people you will seek to protect them.

Let me be very clear, the terrorist attack in Boston and evolving events indicate we have a domestic radical Islamic terror problem in America. We must no longer allow the disciples of political correctness and the acolytes of the Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, MAS) to preach to us some misconceived definition of tolerance and subservience. When tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide. Carlos Bledsoe in Little Rock, MAJ Hasan in Ft Hood, the Ft Dix Six, Faisal Shahazad in NYC Times Square — these are just the examples I can type now. When Rep Peter King attempted to have hearings on domestic terrorism he was attacked for being racist. No more excuses. No more apologies. We are in a war of ideological wills, and we shall prevail. Congratulations to all the law enforcement agencies.

Oh, and on the topic of gun control, I’m pretty sure many Liberals in Boston were wishing they had a gun for self defense right about now.

Gun registries and background checks are either meaningless or malicious.

Meaningless: The criminals won’t participate, so all you have is an expensive, burdensome process to gather a list of law-abiding citizens.

Malicious: The lists will ultimately be used to disarm law-abiding citizens.

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